The Freedom Convoy Was A POSITIVE Movement; The MSM, Trudeau, Biden Chose To IGNORE That: BJ Dichter

Spokesperson for the Benjamin J. Dichter Freedom Convoy B.J. Dichter discusses the portrayal of February’s Freedom Convoy by the legacy media. #freedomconvoy #freedom

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  1. One's rights and freedom do not override the rights and freedom of another. Full stop!

    We are not civil servants, nor part of the government, in any shape or form. But our freedom was taken away from us by the illegal occupation.

    If you disagree and believe the occupation was just dandy, we can organize a few semi trucks to park in front of your home, run their engines, hink their horns day and night, keep you from going to work, school or to a medical appointment. And have the truckers harass you when you leave your house.

    You might then think twice about how peaceful an occupation really is.

  2. Yeah & the NDP are supposed to be/were our Canada's labour party, party of the working class, funded by unions, tho now support industries & corporations so regulate us, instead of the proper direction where our representatives represent the people's issues & interests, which require we regulate industries & corporations in the public interest, which reigns in Their activities into sustainability.

  3. I was in Ottawa from the first Saturday to the last, on every Saturday. I drove from a small city 2hrs away. The freedom convoy was the most special thing I witnessed in my life, the freedom festival really! 🇨🇦❤

  4. It was careless overreach and an extreme abuse of power by a power hungry man-child who felt like his authority was being threatened. Nothing that he and his regime of henchmen and women did was for the betterment of Canada or Canadians only themselves. Instead of acting like statesmen and women, they chose the route of tyrannical authoritarians and demanded that the citizens just comply and obey. Why is no one asking about or discussing the real life damage that was caused by the government with there corrupt political decisions and actions?


  6. That mean one simple thing folks. This country is not good for raising childrens anymore. If we can't express ourself when citizens are concerned its surely not "free" of speech. That lead to violation of the Bill of Right we have in Canada. Then this same liberal gouvernment want to seize our property by turning honests peoples into criminals ! (C-21) Hypocrites, liars and Tyrants.
    Trudeau MUST resign or be remove by force.

  7. Meanwhile, Troudeau is all yes with chineses protesters and push foward the fondamental right they have to express themself and also support them. All this live on tv ! How pathetic is this person ?

  8. I live in Ottawa. Born and raised. The convoy gave not only myself, but many others hope during very dark times. And, since the convoy, so much government corruption has been exposed. I'm so glad I got to be apart of it and that it happened in my hometown. Was the most peaceful, loving, eye opening experience I've ever been apart of. Being there, seeing the love. People feeding homeless. Men who were strangers to each other hugging. People singing and dancing. Kids playing. Was the way the world should be. And all the media and government did was lie about it. I'll never forget being there, seeing kids play on bouncy castles and looking up to see the snipers all over the rooftops. Shame on this government and anyone who supports them.

  9. Being part of this from day one .was a beautiful thing but as we crossed into Ontario going to thunder Bay me and my friend were talking on the phone and I was telling him there are thousands of trucks now check out the traffic cams and he tells me .every camera is shut down it says for maintenance.then I had a cold feeling come over me

  10. Ya, Phish concerts were awesome! This was terrible how the government handled this especially seizing all money! This was a warning for all future protestors. Also, I no longer donate on gofundme period.

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