The Front Line In The War On Cash…

I discuss the latest developments on the war on cash with Robbie Barwick from the Citizens Party. In the final sitting week, it’s time to give the politicians a final serve in the interests of the people!

Call Minister Stephen Jones and Labor Senators today to protest capitulation to the banks!


I’m calling to object to Labor’s capitulation to the banks!
Labor must stand up to the banks by doing two things this week:
1. Pass the banking reform laws as planned, including civil penalties for executives to hold bankers accountable;
2. Support the push for a Senate Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Committee inquiry into the regional banking crisis, including the government post office bank alternative.

Minister for Financial Services Stephen Jones: (02) 6277 7230

Click here to find the contact details of the Labor Senators from your state.

Choice campaign webpage:

Coalition banking inquiry blamed for mass branch closures,17015

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  1. I couldn't believe there was not more critisism of Anna Bligh when she took that gig with the banks.

    You can't tell me it doesn't influence the decisions these politicians make when they know they can get a lucrative job for the banks after the leave parliment as long as they treat the banks nicely.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Anna's call had a carrot AND a stick to keep labour in line. I'n sure she knows where all the cobwebs are.

    Absolute joke of a situation.

  2. Australians are stupid in general. They want faux socialism. Look at the last two elections. Airline Albo and chairman Dan in power.. labor is for workers and the poor.. body hell.. How can anyone believe that..
    I need to call to move my wealth overseas and to buy gold..

  3. Please don’t have Robbie Barwick on your channel after what happened in China! His conspiracy that The USA propaganda started protests! 🤡 Thinks the CCP is like The Andrews government with Covid lockdowns! A horrible analogy! Distrustful!

  4. This is simply outrageous behaviour on the big banks behalf. I see your point Martin in regards to the bigger plan. I’m over this encroachment on our sovereignty and services.

    I WILL be calling tomorrow, I’ve got quite a bit to say 🤨

  5. Martin I think you hit the nail on the head at 28 minutes in. I often use the word "psychopaths" for these bankers etc now simply because they have no emotional connection with the suffering they create. They are completely disconnected from reality. And more and more that seems to be the future we are headed into, a world controlled by psychopaths, or sociopaths if some prefer.

  6. They've tested for the change over. Inter-bank CBDC's Dec '21, inter-corporation CBDC's Aug '22, inter CB CBDC's Nov '22. We conspiracy theorists knew this was coming when banks went digital, and especially when Bitcoin arrived. They've had this planned for decades, and it will go active when the dollar collapses. The new crytpo CBDC will be initially backed by Metals. Who would want a pocket load of worthless Australian / Zimbabwean / Venezuelan paper money.

  7. The Bank are no longer in Control as the Rothchilds NO longer are in control…
    Called the Quantum Financial System!
    Every Person in 209 Countries will CONTROL Their own Accounts…
    These Babkers have been printing Trillion Cash dollar…
    QFS Movie Update
    This short overview of The QFS..

  8. Don't back this Governments trying to past these Illegal Government Bills as They are Illegal Govements (Private Corporate Companies!!!
    They Want to Keep Printing Money to keep Controling the World 🌎

  9. Don't back Governments trying to past these Illegal Government Bills as They are Illegal Govements (Private Corporate Company..

    They want the cash as they have been printing Trillions Counterfeit Cash…

    That is why the Worlds people have been struggling for years…

    Australian Government is a Part of The New World ORDER! in With the Banks…When Cash Goes they are Finished!!
    Rothchilds NO longer control the Banking System! They are all in hiding in Switzerland..With their Evil mate Klaus Schwab …

    Quantum Financial System!
    Is and will become the new Banking System Controlled by the People, Backed by Gold.
    Don't back Government trying to past these Illegal Government Bills as They are Illegal Govements (Private Corporate Company..

    QFS! It's already in place has been for some time and it's now just when they will flip the Switch..

    When they do all Debts will be gone and including any bank debts.. As all debts owed to Banks was set up Illegally…

    QFS Update Short Overview

  10. The Councils will never do it as they are Controlled by Government, Banks When are people going to see this happening..
    They are a part of the New Wotld Order…
    Councils Don't have any Authority to Make Laws or Pass Bills…

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