The FTX Scandal Explained – It’s a Deep Rabbit Hole… Viva & Barnes HIGHLIGHT

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  1. I think SBF is an Israeli and/or Banking agent. I believe he was setting up to do this to harm crypto. It looked to me just prior to this SBF anti-human guy's maneuver that crypto was about to start another rise… so he stopped it, and right now he is probably laughing and celebrating. For crypto to go sky high right now scared our owners and hence SBF bashed crypto so it wouldn't go sky high.

  2. That guy didn't set this scam up on his own. He had help. I want to know which politicians benefitted from this. How much of Ukranian aid went into this? Did Zelensky benefit? Mitch McConnell? Pelosi? Who?

  3. Funny how when the Dems get caught in something so huge it's a scandal but when the patriots are even looked at it's crimes against humanity democracy racist and more. Calling this a scandal is such a crime onto itself

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