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  1. Imagine what humanity could accomplish if we could just figure out how to keep the most corrupt people from accumulating all the power and resources.

  2. Styx, Fetterman would've been the winner with or without the money McConnell sent, because it's frikking PENNSYLVANIA. Fetterman is a DEMOCRAT, Democrats own that state's elections, running against Democrats in Democrat Machine districts is wasting time and money, because it's not who appeals to Voters, it's who counts the Votes.

  3. People would freak 9f they caught their roommate stealing a 20 dollar bill from them…but we all seem just fine with our government stealing billions right out of our hard earned paychecks to send to a foreign country only to become unaccountable…

    The tree needs refreshing.

  4. We all knew this was happening. Ukraine has been a money laundering/ blackmail scheme from the jump. It's crazy that everyone knows this was happening. Yet nobody cares or talks about it. Our government isn't corrupt. It's rotten to the core. The globalists have dirt on Biden. An entire dump truck full. From his white collar crimes to his love of having sex with children. A cut of the money keeps the blackmailer happy and the rest gets to go back to democrats being elected. Heads should roll for this. They won't. Heads should roll for the fact that Fauci himself is responsible for the creation of covid19. The entire Biden admin should be held liable for their crimes. Bankman Fried is the fall guy. He thought they would protect him lmao. He's the scapegoat for all the democrats crimes from prior to the 2020 election up until now.

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