The Funeral Business Is Booming (and Not Because of COVID): Excess Deaths in 2022

🧶 The Final War: 100-Year Plot to Defeat America 👉



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  1. Well, when people died during covid, everyone asked were they jabbed? And if not, they said they deserve it!
    But now people are dying from unknown causes, but you Can’t ask if they were jabbed…

  2. Population Control is off and running Mr. Roman. We're all being paced for our own turn to come. The Power Elite is following their playbook; step by step. It's in our own nature to destroy ourselves. Critical mass, will be achieved. A 🌎 of ruin will be all that's left. 😞

  3. I do know that big paharma will be quietly using its billions to marshal arguments and counter arguments to thwart forthcoming enquiries – reminiscent of the tobacco industry and its rear-guard resistance to research.

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