The FUNNIEST Russia-Gate Headlines Of All Time

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Edited by Michael Wurum

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  1. Aaron , Wikipedia has been taken over by the same people who weaponized sex toys. They are thinking of combining the two assets under a new banner Dickipeedia in honour of Trumps Russian holiday.

  2. Can someone PLEASE find a copy of

    A manuscript from the 90s after her testimony in Congress you never hear anymore about what she wrote about.
    State secrets or banker secrets plus Clintons

  3. When the real progressive winners tell of their history, they will speak highly of these few. You'll have awards like "The Mate Award for Journalism" and "The Dore Journalistic Integrity Award" or "The Greenwald Medal of Journalistic Honor".

    History will remember the victors.

  4. Yes, my years of dedication to red letter media have paid off… A SHOJI TABUCHI reference!!!… Did you know he has a violin specially made for him by NASA?

  5. It's not about Hunter's drug problem. Its about his father saying he never knew anything about Hunter's business dealings and influence peddling, despite direct evidence to the contrary. The NY Post story wasn't censored by Twitter and Facebook for the hell of it. They are Biden sycophants, and they were trying to help him get elected. PERIOD.

  6. Who are these warmongering Russia haters? If the Russians hadn't absorbed 10 million casualties breaking the back of Hitler's juggernaut, those fatalities would have been born by us. Since my dad was a front line tank commander, I probably wouldn't even be here. This is like In Search of the Skinwalker. Or like in Butch Cassidy and the Sun-dance Kid…………………"Who are those guys?"

  7. "Jimmy why are you going through these so fast"
    "Oh we're don't worry we're going to be here for a while"
    it's nearly an hour long segment lmfao ? this is gonna be hilarious

  8. some autority in dungeon took out newest mem….. and the activists hammer with it…. and – Prophecy in film got true…. " Massive manoevers in neocon style direct at the russian borders….. and in last minute blown up usa vessels on march to the black sea….. in a chessgame that means – knock out…. Navalni – is like in arab spring the candidate of the olligarchs….. not the under middleclass…. raising again in the last decade…s….. but… what do they – if they succceed in Russia ? take on china? or both? hahaha…. are the russians capable of calculating the real impact of the cnn crazy news? and its absolute crazy – in germany Bundestag – they a leftist – bows down to war for israel… and says – we live in secure borders…… brainsick….

  9. blame it on your enemies… accuse them that what you do, plan to do, or fear that he can do….. this means the end of civilisation….. in endless erosion… fony… even if they admit mistakes in Afghanistan…. they need their killing machines in the shithole of a failed state between europe – in full crisis and Russian federatiion… but by the ideal world with ngos – and – only an example Sorosh…

  10. My country have been afraid of russia sense 50's? Funny thing is that they could take us over night and when everyone open the front door an soldier was there to explain that you are now a part of RUN = Russian united nations.. They could do this to finland,sweden,norway,danmark in one night and that would be that !

  11. it's a pity Jimmy that you never got to interview Professor Stephen Cohen who passed away late last year. He was brilliant on Russia. I remember him putting Cenk Uyghur in his place

  12. Well, I did see some pretty gnarly testimonials, one of a woman, with an Eastern European accent, on one of my Messenger podcast posts from a guy living in the SW US (right wing), which scared the daylights out of me of the 2016 candidate, how she was captured as a young girl and her vagina was scarred with a happy face, internally, as a ritual, by this candidates which cult. Many Blacks are in the SW, and Rush Limbaugh could have picked up the story. I wondered if it originated from the KGB, but just because it's gnarly, doesn't mean it's from them. I voted Green, as I would have anyway, after Bernie tossed his movement into the dumpster. I fault Bernie for not contesting the Primary results, but not sure that is possible under their Charter. At least, it would have helped uncover much inside Election Fraud, within agencies, Parties and techno vulnerabilities. He lost our Youth vote that year, and again the next Primary. Russian puppies, I think not!

  13. In virtually any of these headlines, you could just exchange "Russia" for "United States," and "weaponizing" for "propagandizing." Still works. Just a bit more accurate instead of hilarious.

  14. LOL great review of Russia-gate especially given Project Veritas release of CNN being caught revealing CNN is propaganda and manipulate their coverage of the "litterbox" news