The Future Of The Economy pt.1 w/ Clint Russell and Guy Swann – Part Of The Problem #856

Dave Smith and Robbie the Fire Bernstine bring you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem Dave and Robbie are joined by Clint Russell of Liberty Lockdown Podcast, and from the Bitcoin Audible Podcast, Guy Swann! The guys discuss the impact of the lockdowns on all aspects of the economy, the repercussions of bad monetary policy, and how crypto could be the future.
This Episode was recorded on 5/13/22

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Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in Politics three times a week, with the promise of bonus episodes! Libertarian Philosophy mixed with a sense of humor, POTP is one of the leading voices in libertarianism.

Dave Smith is a New York based stand-up comedian, radio personality, and political commentator. Dave can be seen regularly on “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and “Red Eye” on Fox News, as well as “Kennedy” on Fox Business Network. In 2013 Dave was featured as one of the New Faces at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He was also a featured performer on the New York Comedy Festival’s “New York’s Funniest” showcase in 2014 and 2015. Dave’s outlet for his social commentary is his podcast, “Part of the Problem,” which is available on iTunes. Dave is also co-host of “The Legion of Skanks” podcast, available on the GaS Digital Network.

Written by Dave Smith


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  1. Robbie brought up what I've been saying. This guy saying, you have bitcoin, you will always have it no matter the value. But access is the problem. It's not like everyone is tech savvy enough to access their coin when their wallet no longer works or the trading company pulls the plug. But I think this is what these rabidly pro bitcoin guys want. A chunk of people that can no longer access their coin and have no clue how to get back to it.

  2. Isn’t fiat currency backed by the population of that country? And as long as we have a strong country and strong position within the global economy, everything will be fine…relatively speaking.

  3. Dave I just watched the valuetainment libertarian roundtable. I gotta say Larry Sharpe is unlikeable and I would never vote for him! He obviously wants power and won't take any advice from anyone. Very annoying person. You are the future Dave. Separate yourself from that schmuck.

  4. @40:00 Bitcoin is traceable and has a public registry. I imagine Bitcoin and Etherum would both crash and would stay crashed if the government actively traced the transactions, which is why I don't own them at all. Monero and any other "encrypted/private transaction" coins would explode. I don't know if Etherum would be able to make ETH encrypted as an upgrade or not. It would be interesting to know.

    If the government didn't actively trace Bitcoin and etherum to confiscate/imprison the people who owned it. It would probably start to recover and skyrocket in about 1 year after the crash/crack down depending on adaption and urgency for an alternative.

    The scary thing is everyone is just okay to go alone with the system.

  5. On the Russian ruble comments ,
    The thing everyone keeps missing is the Russia banned the of selling the ruble …
    Meaning is not a real market there's no sell pressure so it going up in value against the dollar is literally Meaningless , quite literally!!

  6. I wonder if investment in ammunition and firearms will prove to be better than internet currency or gold, considering that if the government outlaws it, it will be guaranteed to increase in price.

  7. im a bitcoin skeptic but the global elites likely want bitcoin to preserve their purchasing power

    see Charles Hugh Smith for details

    id also recommend Tom Luongo
    Patrick Byrne
    and Douglas Rushkoff's new book
    " escape fantasies of the tech billionaires

  8. The sky has been falling for my whole life; almost 60 years. So glad I have never listened to all of these chicken littles. You guys are aware 30% of the houses are cash sales. Mortgage rates will have an impact but not catastrophic. All currency is fiat including crypto. If things get as bad as you sheep keep bleating about, my holdings in lead will be worth more than gold and crypto. Maybe you should advocate investing in kevlar.

  9. I'm delighted to watch this video, thanks 🙏 😊 the greatest challenges investors face can range from controlling impulsiveness to the frailty of coercion. Most newbie’s investors often undermine and neglect the importance of technical analysis with regards to trading cryptocurrencies, I would encourage investors to trade as I have been doing with Mr. Albert Johnson since the last bear market, increasing my portfolio daily.

  10. The nazis were not fascist, they were socialist, i.e. left wing. Furthermore fascism isn't right wing. Mussolini was an anarcho syndicalist originally, and the people who joined him to create fascism were mostly socialists and communists, as such fascism belongs in the left wing family

  11. To me, while Bitcoin is very tempting, given that the state can't seize it, there are still some very serious issues that need to be addressed.
    Given the public nature of the ledger, Bitcoin could be the surveillance state's wet dream, monitoring every transaction.
    Also, the cryptographic hash functions that form the foundation of Bitcoin become effectively useless once quantum computers hit the market…so then the state becomes able to take your money again. Possibly even far more easily than before.

  12. I need a Bitcoin 101 site or YouTube channel that has beginner level info. Can anyone help me out. I've tried a few places but they didn't help me understand the whole process.

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