The Gatekeepers of Information

Taken from JRE #1704 w/CK Chin:

Written by PowerfulJRE


  1. In 1985 this would have been a bad flu that a lot of people would still have died from, but there wouldn't have been the hysteria from 24/7 news. The population was healthier in 1985. You NEVER saw the morbidly obese person that you see now every day. People did physically active things outdoors because there wasn't a good reason to be in the house unless you were eating dinner or sleeping. Actually now that I think of it, this virus wouldn't have even happened in 1985 because nobody back then was able to genetically modify a virus.

  2. FDA approved a vaccine
    that is not even under production
    and trying to pass the current
    vaccine off as totally safe. This
    guarantees Pfizer indemnity
    despite vast evidence it does not
    work at protecting you from long
    term health effects. This pretty
    much ensures lifelong boosters
    and potential gene therapy.

  3. People were wearing masks during the Spanish Flu in 1918-1920. The information was related by word of mouth and newspapers. You guys are all sheep to assume this wouldn't have happened in 1985. Not enough free thinkers in this comment section.

  4. Hearing Joe talk about how full of shit CNN is makes my heart skip a beat. All MSM is biased, mostly in favor of the left. But CNN and MSNBC are literally state run media. There's simply no arguing it.

    FOX has talking heads for Trump in Hannity and Ingraham, but at least it's not company wide. They can be tuned out.

  5. Money is just a token of power. It's really about power and you follow the money because it leads you to the power. Getting money out of politics wouldn't do much unless you somehow got power out of politics, but can you even get power out of politics and still have an efficacious political system? I don't know.

  6. The science says marijuana has no medical benefits
    No I'm sorry that's what the government and media says it took the people to come out and change that narrative…..
    And for the doctors and scientists to catch up so what else might they be wrong about?

  7. Trump did not start the name game. Most elections are to vote out people, not vote them in. Trump was a democrat and supported the Clintons and learned that they were fake. He gives a shit about the USA.

  8. Then when look up everything, find links, and things people said years ago that pan out today, you get called a conspiracy theorist.

  9. It's because in 2021 everything has become monetized including our own people. In real time. When a thing/person is for sale the thing ceases any true inherent value. It's now strictly for profit. Hence the Woke bullshit. It's all textbook PR under the guise of clicks/profits.