The general public is easily led.

It beggars belief.

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  1. I know group off 5 girls, which are all claiming to bisexual and other made up stuff, because being straight is bigoted. Not a single one off them, has had sex with girl. It is norm now for current generation, but you can't change your nature.

  2. Oh yeah ? Well look at what we've got in the white house. A man who couldn't win a spelling bee against a Gummi worm.
    You've gotta give the anti american democrats credit for one thing. They've managed to make the United States the laughing stock of the so called civilized world. But, we're in good company. The girlie man to the north and the largest suppliers of illicit drugs to the south.

  3. You she entity lifeforces (including she entity lifeforces existing in XY DNA template bodies) only see and hear what you want to see and hear and completely ignore everything else.

    Cognitive bias much?

  4. I kind of dont care if the public is easily read, im humble enough to admit I can be easily lead by things too. Its just, id rather the public be lead by reality, than the nonsense the left is pushing. Would be nice.

  5. It's why I get mad when people call me "edgy" why am I edgy? Because I'm less talkative? Because I don't want to be a crybaby and vent whenever I'm mad and just work through things?

  6. One such instance of non-critical thinking occurred a few months ago when restrictions were just being eased gradually in Scotland (around towards the end of February). My parents and I went out to the local leisure centre for a swim and then a sauna. In the sauna room, we have to share the space with up to 2 individuals which is fine as we don’t mind socialising. Some bald, fat middle aged man remarked about how great it was that restrictions were going away because they’re silly but also in the same breath said that more people should be getting the jag to which I remarked, “well thank goodness we won’t be”. His reaction was priceless to the point where he started arguing with us in thinking that we put ourselves at risk (I got Covid in March 2020 which was so bad for 3 weeks that it was sore to breathe and then again in late September 2022 where I lost my sense of smell & taste for a while but each & everytime I got over it). We explained what happened to us and what my diet was like (i don’t take processed sugar of any kind including certain products like biscuits & cakes, I don’t eat crisps, I never drink alcohol, I don’t smoke but I eat plenty of fresh meat, fruit & vegetables along with nutritional tea & water as well as lots of vitamin & mineral supplements and I do fitness routines every single day). When I told him this, his mind really couldn’t compute with the idea that an non-jagged person would be fit and healthy as well as have a good immune system and probably reads a lot of mainstream press showing only the unhealthy non-jagged people ending up in hospital and thinking all of us are like that.

  7. to be fair, i do think there is more blacks and browns in UK than the official stats tell us. but of course, thankfully, most are concentrated in shithole cities like London and Birmingham, replacement migration has largely not hit suburbs and small towns/countryside there, as far as I know.

  8. The same fools that screamed and cried and protested in Britain about minority rule in South Africa are now screaming, crying and protesting for minority rule in Britain…
    Stupid can`t be educated out or bred out it seems…

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