The German Paedo Experiment

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  1. Super dang weird that this moral compass is so rouge, not only do they endorse the murder of children in the womb, they now offer up the living children to be scarred for life sexually. Having no moral objective truth in the world makes it pretty dark huh?

  2. still batshit insane, but according to one of the articles I read (just looked them up to see what the hell this was all about) it was supposedly to see if the pedophiles would become loving parents, and I think they said to help strengthen or mature the boys, some nonsense like that… then again given the context, that could mean something completely different…

  3. This is why Marxism/Communism/whateverfuckingeuhpemismdejurethey'reusingnowtoavoidbacklash is utterly evil: because under their ideology this is acceptable. Add that to all the OTHER things that make it a vile and truly evil philosophy.

  4. People have no idea how prevalent pedophilia, especially men with boys, has been throughout all of history. And like slavery, it's still practiced in many ancient religions and the anglo west was the first to demonize it for the disgusting thing that it is. Go to a village in Afghanistan where the people have no concept of the western world and watch them laugh you out of there if you tell them screwing little boys is wrong.

  5. there is a misunderstanding on how science works. science works like this "lets assume that 1=2. in that case, the statement 2+2=2 should be correct. can it be correct? no! then 1=2 is wrong"
    ideologically driven "science" just like pseudoscience works like this "we need to prove that 1=2 is correct and we will go though all sorts of mental gymnastics to make it correct"

  6. Sounds exactly what British mp’s were up to around the same time in the U.K. prime example the kincora boys home in Belfast that ministers of parliament and judges and such would visit and the boys would be taken to degenerate parties and be abused, Ted Heath is rumoured to have been involved, around the same time mp’s drafted sweeping new laws to have social workers seize children from their families and put them in these homes where they would go on to be abused

  7. Let's be very clear here about one thing. It's not just radical leftists, or communists that engage in this behavior, it's any person who advocates for a totalitarian government. Because, let's be honest, a Communist government always ends up with a few very powerful individuals in charge who have the state sponsored ability to do whatever it is their hearts desire, with no repercussions from society, or the law. Do we really believe it was just young boys in communist Germany that were caught up in this web? I'm quite certain that some other very powerful government official was into enslaving women, against their will, in BDSM dungeons, or there was a bestiality ring, or any number of other depraved and immoral acts one could think of, and they were able to do it without the threat of repercussions. Hell, the rumors about Kim Jong Un's harem are pretty sickening. How about the rumors about what the House of Saud is up to behind closed doors, or the various accusations against the King of Brunai?

    Since the Western public began to reject divine right of rulership more than 200 years ago, those with distasteful predilections, but an all encompassing ambition to fulfill those predilections have latched onto Marxism/Communism/Nazism, because it provides a pathway towards a totalitarian government that is cleverly disguised in such a way that the general public can be tricked into accepting it…at first. Once it's in place, it becomes very, very difficult to get rid of it.

  8. What the fuck being a paedophile has to do with being a communist???

    Some of the most influential figures on the right had gone to the "paedophile paradise island" that was run by an american "entrepreneur"…
    Does that mean that every person on the right, especially! if they are entrepreneurs are paedophiles???

  9. Germany have failed these children. That is putting it lightly, watching the first 10 minutes of the video felt painful that this state sponsored child abuse was even allowed. Correction, state sponsored murder of their children, these children died the moment treated like cattle for sick monstrous people.

  10. Thank you for bringing this to the light. Mainstream German Media reacted to this with thundering silence…