The Ghislaine Maxwell Coverup is Even Bigger than the Panama Papers or Michael Hastings Coverups

Let me recount a couple other hushed-up scandals.

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  1. Look at 'Mega ' group , led by Wexner , support .
    They run and use honeypots and their 'people' are the same that work for the CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 or private companies that do similar things .
    These Mega people , protected by their billions ,the powerful people THEY ALREADY CONTROL and the anti-semitism laws to protect this persecuted powerful billionaire class are the biggest problem in America .

  2. The ONLY way we're going to see justice in this country is if we fill our hands and take it.
    The courts are fully compromised and corrupt.
    We need to kill some public officials as a way of voicing our extreme displeasure at their crooked behavior.

  3. The "defendants" list was an outrageously long Kevin Bacon game to make SURE they never got to the main players at the top running the show besides Maxwell.
    If they were serious about busting main players they'd go after the U.N. & VATICAN as just part of the tip of the human/sex trafficking spear.

  4. This year I plan to start unsubscribing to news analyst channels: None of it is good news, it DOES NOT help the public to be informed because the public can't even use the information, and nothing ever changes in the favor of people. There isn't any reason to pay attention to the news or news analysis anymore because it's 100% useless- even the weather forecast. Every day we learn another way we are being screwed over, and absolutely NOTHING is being done to stop it. Just sick of hearing it.

  5. Why was Israel blackmailing the f*ck out of our country? They weren't working for themselves, they were Mossad. What were they doing on that island? Real questions that need to be answered, now ask yourself why they made "Squid Games."

  6. Anyone who believes a Cctv system will just conveniently and coincidentally fail like this has no understanding about how these technologies work. Someone had have made the decision to take it down otherwise it would have been down alot longer than it was…. I used to be a cctv technician and this was a smoking gun for me as if this case needed anymore…

  7. In other words. Everyone who was trying to silence Trump is most likely guilty of illegal doings. I think Trump was the person who made the island a thing to begin with right after they tried entrapping him. I believe that's why he ran to begin with. To drain the swamp from the land he loves. Now shut up and pay your taxes!

  8. Your theory is right if Ghislaine was a good women , but she's not , she has no soul and feels she did no wrong so after a few weeks in jail she say , fuck this shit , I don't trust these bastards and they are going to leave me here to rot or try to knock me off. That's how souless criminal people think especially when they are in the slammer. There was a report out of a london paper from a source that Ghislaine vowed she's going to take everyone down with her if she goes to prison. The report was few days ago.

  9. I don't blame the guards tbh. when clinton or gates' or who ever's assassins made them the offer if wealth or what ever they got, it wasn't a deal of money for looking the other way. it was a threat of "take the offer or your family dies on vacation".

  10. Freedom of the press isn't freedom from consequences. The duties and responsibilities of the press is a tithe to society that uphold the freedom of the press, without these they are no more than a state press (Pravda)

    Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt, they are either propagandists or not.

  11. 3 witness against maxwell, spanning 30+ years ? just 3 out of 12 a 100, how many were murdered, where is fbi evidence from island, where are all the staff to maintain 3 large properties? don't be too concerned, comey's daughter is on prosecution team, did her best just as dad has done

  12. Rules for the and not for me… Its seems like its more blatent than ever…

    Here in Australia people are fined and even put in prison for honest mistakes in relation to covid mandates and mask rules, yet when politicians do the same thing or make mistakes (even honest mistakes) no accountability.

    Our government fcked up 400 test results recently, releasing these people out into the community when they could have been positive, they admit this mistake but no accountabilty. No resignation. Nothing.

    I dont support their rules. These rules are enforced on me and ill be litterally checked up on while being forced into 2 week quarantine and heavily fined if i dare leave for any reason if i test positive or am a 'close contact', while the government free to fuck up with no repercussions….

  13. The obvious question is who took over before they allowed Epstein to be arrested? Someone must be providing that service. I would lay odds it will be happening in China. More control, more power over global affairs and more money. They already practice colonialism, racism, genocide, slavery, piracy, live organ harvesting, and concentration camps. Would someone try to argue the CCP are above feeding that market?

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