‘The Ghost Of Kiev’ – Ukraines Mysterious Ace Fighter Pilot

In todays video we are taking a look at the ace pilot legend; ‘The ghost of Kiev’, an unknown Ukrainian fighter pilot, flying a Ukrainian Mig-29, who has reportedly shot down 6 Russian fighter aircraft in 30 hours making him Europes first ace fighter pilot since World War 2.


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  1. Oh man Biden is so mad at Putin. No not Joe, his pervert son Hunter. He said that if Russia invades the Ukraine his daddy can't moneylaunder the U.S tax dollars that subsidize his crack and hooker addictions….

  2. Unprecedented because it was an entirely fake story. The video was a filmed in a flight simulator program and was debunked a day after it was claimed. The Ukrainian airforce was annihilated on the ground. One aircraft escaped to Romania.

  3. If true, the world should make sure this man never goes without. The ghost of Kiev needs to be honored 🎖 the ghost 🏅 should be create for this 21st century hero or are we in the 22nd?? Idk but he deserves a beer on me

  4. Ukrainian people are great. Unfortunately they don't realise their country is already being run by the deep state cabal.
    Russia is simply taking a stand against NATO and the NWO.
    Ukraine and Russia could be at peace if the west stoped interfering in other nations government. As an Irishman I see through what's really happening, NATO are in the wrong here. They broke the treaty and are expanding into Eastern Europe surrounding Russia

  5. What I found most interesting is how easily someone can make up a story that is NOT true… and the majority of people that hear about it will automatically believe it to be true. Well, I'm sorry to say that this tall tale is NOT true and give it some time you will know this too.

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