The gig is up. Dan Andrews

The Chairman has been blaming the Commonwealth for Victoria’s slow vaccine rollout for months. While this was true at the beginning, we now have more than enough ‘in the fridge’ to jab the community. Why then does The Chairman continue to pedal this myth? Even his own staff is making him look like the condescending liar that he is.

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Written by Danger Dan


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  1. So many mistakes, people have died, businesses ruined, people’s lives badly affected and where’s the accountability ? None. His annual salary ? $430,000. And a recent pay rise ! WorkSafe held no individual account for the 800 deaths in nursing homes from mistakes made from Hotel quarantine.
    This is what is so grueling. Don’t understand the support for him. Is it seriously the Stockholm syndrome being played out in Melbourne ?

  2. My word, the Churchy types and pretend xtians are getting desperate. Pity they lack computer skills. …..back to the thirties and Groucho Marx (an American of course, none a this Paul Hogan or any Aussie comic!)

  3. Sadly I bet the majority of Victorians would still vote Despicable Dan in if he's still around at the next state election. But he won't be of course. But I bet the sheeple will still vote in a Labor Government. I sincerely hope I'm wrong.

  4. When good men shy away from politics it is our collective fate to be ruled by our inferiors. (Aurelius, sort of). And if this bloke isn't the inferior of pretty much every single Australian who isn't him then I really do have three testicles.

  5. He is dazed maniac that has crippled a state and The Governor Of Victoria must dissolve the Parliament . The facts about people have adverse side effects from these vaccines and Government quashing it all is beyond logic . The PM is MIA when he know she can put a stop to all of this ( dont let big Pharma ) control us when the fact is he and others know about other treatments that cost less and or-even to work will not only save a nation but revive our faith in ( some politicians ) thus saving us all.

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