The Globalist Disinfo Campaign to Defend Joe Biden from the Hunter Biden Email Bombshell


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  1. The FBI had this during the impeachment hearings, think about that. They haven't done anything with it and I believe they've held on to it for nefarious reasons. If Biden wins, they have it to hold over his head. If he loses, they can either hold it for future use or use. They haven't come out and said they've looked at it and it's fake or inconclusive or something along those lines, the FBI hasn't said a word about it.

  2. Ha! I spot the little guy in the plants that looks like you ? gosh are you starting to feel like covering democrat corruption has become a full time job for you? I seriously can't keep up anymore but I know who I'm voting for…

  3. I saw an article that claimed that the Biden emails were obtained by the Russians. People were sharing it and acting like it was true, The CNN crowd are too far gone to see the truth about anything.

  4. There are a ton of people who are buying into this Russian interference crap… i have seen many videos and read a ton of comments… That is how much they hate trump…we might be in trouble folks

  5. "How to Get a Head in Politics" by Kamala Harris (the real D candidate). A fine example for young girls. Of all the smart, honest women of America who would make a good VP, why KH?? Weakest ticket ever in political history in this "crucial" year… Why??

  6. It’s amazing that according to the assholes on the left it has to be a Chinese or Russian disinformation campaign. Instead of just good old fashioned corruption by the Biden’s?

  7. Hunter smoking crack is just the tip of the proverbial email ice berg. Wait till the videos of pedophilia and torture of Chinese girls comes out, it's on his laptop. Guess those Q anon people were right about the fact that satanic pedophiles run the Democrat party.

  8. I wouldn't say that Reagan sold out in his second term. More likely that at the end of the 1st term many of the populistic economic conservatives retired and were replaced by proto-globalist types. Reagan, at this point, was beginning to wane from a health standpoint and was distracted by Iran Contra etc. and so did nothing to arrest this process. The population of these nasty political weeds exploded in George H W Bush's administration and continued to thrive across administrations; regardless of partisan affiliation. It has been only since Trump took office that we have begun to loosen the stranglehold of the corporatist globalists.

  9. The father and son are both guilty of massive corruption. That's why Hidin' Biden is nowhere to be seen.
    The Big Tech companies and the news media, enemies of the American People, are feverishly working
    to hide the deep corruption.

  10. Hunter Biden's former business partner already in jail and another former business partner facing jail,
    are both PISSED that Hunter is still free. They are both releasing thousands of incriminating emails.

  11. Only when someone goes postal on these globalist axxholes will they stop being authoritarian criminals (like that POC woman at YouTube's office, only more competent).
    I hope we at least get a warning that its about to happen – coz I need time to heat up my microwave popcorn!!

  12. The Retardo-Marxist Alinskian attack squad be boringly coming for you Styx. Personalize personalize personalize. Isolate isolate isolate. Fail Fail Fail. Lose lose lose. It's the Democrat Wile E. Coyote crowd. The Dems: wholly owned subsidiary of ACME corp.

  13. A lot of the Edward Snowden information was initially released by computer hackers back in the 1990's.. Going by memory, I'm sure the computer hackers name was Kevin Mitnick?? Edward Snowdens information only confirmed for me what I learned back in the 1990's..

  14. I also was surprised to see the MSM call the newspaper a "tabloid" too. Good tactic. Shoot the messenger.
    And then use the old "Russia" trope again. That always works.