The Godfather (Godfather 1) Mario Puzo Audiobook

Written by Carter


  1. Movie trivia:

    The guy who played Luca Brasi, a former wrestler, was so uptight and stiff trying to act in front of Brando, Coppola couldn't get him to give a natural performance in the scene where he goes in to pay his respects at the wedding.

    So, when they shot the exteriors 2 weeks later, rather than having Luca talking to other guests when Kay sees him, Coppola had him rehearsing the greeting to Don Corleone, to sell the idea that the character was nervous and ill-at-ease, rather than the actor.

  2. I did enjoy the movie, it was great; however, I’ll never understand why they kept that scene of Sonny beating up his sister’s abusive husband the way it was. The beating didn’t even look like there was any contact – such a bad mark on such a great film.

  3. Wow, the uploader went through all the trouble to get written permission from Brilliance Audio at PO Box 887 Grand Haven, MI 49417 to reporduce this recording, upload it, so it could be copied to YouTube, so then it could be subsequently streamed, broadcast, or played to this audience. Bravo. Looking for part two now. Good book.

  4. 3:30:01 Just when I thought the book was absolutely superior than the movie I realized that Francis Ford Coppola came up with the idea of the famous quote: “Leave the gun, take the cannoli”.
    Now I can’t choose between them, they are both equally superb on their own.
    What an extraordinary story!