The Good Ending

Wholesome. Though, we must not forget, things are still dystopian and getting worse over there.

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Written by Memology 101


  1. As happy as i am to see them reunited, the whole thing is soured by the fact that a media campaign was even necessary.

    AUS gov't: "Well according to the lockdown rules, this 3 year old does not have all the valid documents to return back into the country, so he will have to stay where he is"

    Every sane person: "WTF is wrong with you?!"

    AUS gov't: "After a large number of concerns raised, we realized we should make an exception (to save face)"

  2. Man fuuuuuuuck that douchebag employee trying to rush her along. Just let her hold her damn kid. What kind of heartless bastard do you have to be to be pushy in that situation.

  3. Recently here in Australia, they have taken our right to speech, protest, expression and art. But the real caveat is now they have given our government power to hack anybodies social media, their accounts on both gaming and chats. And they have a new monitoring scheme here for social credit. You say anything anti government, you lose credit, have enough wrong think points, and it's a fine or jail. Just a concerned Aussie, still stuck in 2 year lockdown hell… Ow and it's all Drumphs fault rofl…

  4. Qlder here, just letting you know the QLD Premier responsible for this allowed multiple football teams to come from NSW to QLD while under lockdown because they were in the middle of the footy season. She openly admitted on television that it was because of the money the teams brought toi the state. And the stadium was packed (and will be again soon with finals approaching) shoulder to shoulder with food and alcohol vendors wandering around.

    The dystopia is already here, my country is fucked.

  5. Huh, the elites do have kindness somewhere in their malevolent hearts after all. Too bad it took a major backlash to allow it to come out.

    That aside, I'm elated this lady was able to reunite with her son. Hopefully they can find peace and safety from the chaos the world is facing.

  6. So, odd question that "the elite" can never seem to answer properly. If children and the elderly are most at risk for "The Vid" why are children never forced to wear a mask, but adults are? Almost as if its not about health, and all about breaking down the human spirit…