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  1. The night that they stopped Newt Gingrich from talking about Soros, I said Fox would be gone in six months.
    Six WEEKS would be closer. They are doing CNN commercials on Tucker's show. I have seen them. Tucker is gone, done, over.
    Varney and the rest of them are talking about Biden, after Trump has called in and watched their shows. I wouldn't touch Fox with a ten-foot pole and a HazMat suit.
    My only question now is, will the other people leave before they start to fall in line? I hope so.

  2. What I saw was Tucker putting his career above the nation during a national crisis.
    The fraud is blatantly obvious, and for Tucker to demand evidence is nothing more than a liberal position.
    No pass for Tucker.

  3. Sidney Powell release the Kraken
    Tucker Carlson thought he had the upper hand on the master Sidney Powell she snapped him back down humble yourself boys humble yourself

  4. Tucker Carlson knows exactly what he's doing, trying to get vital court information for his Democrat masters – to help with their prepared rebuttal. Carlson is a sleaze after all, preferring to stay with a betraying Globalist controlled Fake News outlet, betraying the president when he needed them most, and by implication selling out the American people. Fox News can keep him.

  5. Speaking of credibility: Suggest offering (through private sources, of course) a substantial BOUNTY of tax-free cash award for credible witnesses to voting fraud of both parties, nationwide. The resultant flood of tips would have a time limit, naturally. If, after certain date, incriminating evidence is not offered by those with first-hand knowledge, or possible complicity in the Racketeering scheme then they would be culpable in commission, and subsequent concealment of Federal crime for each and every fraudulent ballot. Should be sufficient to make many, many low-level operators squeamish about facing Federal indictment with reliance upon their own legal resources, and expense. Added inducement could be done with Presidential pardon offered for those supporters of free and fair elections who come forward and testify after the deadline. This is capital offense when foreign elements pulling strings of “elected” puppets are hijacking the fundamentaal American process. Nothing could be more corrosive to American experiment than letting this usurpation of peoples sovereign status to stand. RICO Federal charges should be merely beginning of so-called “swamp draining” by somnolent Dept of Justice which is due for massive overhaul. Chair of Federal Election Commission has declared ‘serious deficiencies’ in 2020 swing districts, that suspiciously flipped during halt of ballot tabulation (totally novel and on-the-face alarm bell due to simultaneous action across many precincts and state lines/jurisdiction) which is inter-state collusion to fraud, but has international players. Which suggests sedition charges and Guantanamo storage until military tribunal. Powell seems the more capable player here, Rudiani in supporting role.

  6. We need an entirely new and 100% full proof way to cast a legal ballet and for them to be acurately tallied within the tolerance level found in a German engineered diesel engine. Until then there will be as much confidence in our elections as there is found in the job approval ratings of Congress, making the swamp a cesspool host for demon possessed officials. 1776 All Over Again. PUBLICALLY HANG ALL ELECTION FRAUD PARTICIPANTS AND THOSE WHO BENEFITTED. THIS WILL SERVE AS A CONFIDENCE BOOSTER, A MORALE BOOSTER, AND FREEDOM BOOSTER. thanks

  7. I actually liked Tucker quite a bit at One Time , He actually let Us at One Time Fox News Watcher's Down ! What A Disappointment Tucker Is , NOT LEAVING OUT FOX NEWS EITHER ! THIS WILL BITE THEM IN THE ASS BIG TIME !

  8. ? Ask.. "The Biden" Supporters. "Do You Support Antifa and the Destruction and Chaos Committed by their thug Democrat paid gangs?" If they say no..they do Not support Antifa. Show them this.
    Have them explain… It's Fun For The Whole Family. ?

  9. There's a reason this shill Tucker Carlson is at Fox. He's no different then the rest. He's better at deception. I'll give him that. Be done with Fox or lose subscribers.
    We don't even want to hear his voice.

  10. You don't aire your case in public,you present your case in the courts,,Carlson. is getting lib-tard moments more frequently..every body's watching the morph…continue to drain!!..⏳

  11. The President, ("our President of the United States"), has just not only saved the United States Citizens, "(our family members)", but He, has saved the World also with this vaccine… We the People, and the World, "THANK YOU President TRUMP…..