‘The Government should be afraid because they’re behaving unforgivably’ | Neil Oliver

Neil Oliver gives his take on the Government’s management of the cost of living and the energy crisis.

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  1. Trudeau when questioned last week about the tyrannical emergencies act used to bully the truckers said~
    "They felt they should be obeyed and I wasn't going to let them set public policy" [paraphrased]

    Well… If "public policy" (law) is unconstitutional and takes away bodily autonomy, freedom of travel and the right to work. Well then, thats a policy of tyranny; a government of decrees and orders can not be allowed to stand…!

  2. I live in New York City, America and the situation is the same as in England! This proves that this a worldwide conspiracy to enslave the peasants! Neil expressed the feelings of peasants perfectly!

  3. Asking for a revolution here….he’s right. But I’m sure you can all see now how they have used military grade psychological warfare on the pollution. This will be very hard to undo. But we must try before it’s too late

  4. I've already owed to never lend my vote to any political party or Polititian ever again my life. 56 years I've voted, but never ver again. Now I need every man and woman to join me and do the same and gather with and surround that nest of vipers and make sure they never commit such crimes again, against humanity, by whatever means it takes. Then each nest of vipers must be tackled in the same way, the corporations, banks, workplaces, NHS, the whole corrupt lot. It's time, Nesara Gesara.

  5. I stopped paying about a year ago. I don’t know if anyone else is doing this, I’ve seen a few are. I don’t care the consequences I will not pay for things I did not agree to. I’ve said NO so many times lately.

  6. A day of mass non-compliance and not working with threats of further and possibly longer action would be a start. They cannot hope to outlast the population. That with a blockade of Westminster

  7. they still have the army and the police. but i say them ass holes should not be aloud to carry weapons when they are planing and training to kill os the citizens!! just remember its your oven family and friends you are killing,

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