The Governor of California is Totally Insane

Closing everything down while releasing thousands of prisoners and allowing massive “protests” (riots):

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  1. Convenient that these protests started, are encouraged by the left, and now cases are “spiking”. But sure, let’s close businesses and let the protesters dance in the streets of every major city in America.

  2. Florida is spiking due to the 1.4 million people that just migrated here from New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Cherry Hill/Ocean City NJ, and various other harder hit zones that have to get tested and quarantined upon arrival.

    Texas has a similar thing occurring from California and other West Coast blue states that are going off the deep end.

    This effects the numbers. The US also is #1 in the world for testing with over 48 million test kits deployed nationally compared to #2 in the world, Germany, at 4 million tests deployed. We're performing 12x the testing of the #2 nation!

    The virus itself was downgraded from Pandemic status by the WHO as well, since the number of infected/dead did not meet the requirements of the title, which was all based on early projections that were wrong (i.e. 1.5-2 million dead in the US within the first 3 months).

    It has been mishandled but not how that is typically implied in the media.

  3. Also there's the issue of calling a car wreck a covid death because they have antibodies. Here in oregon hospitals won't even order a test unless you have symptoms

  4. Man bra I’m a northern californian and I’m also starting to believe that the lockdowns are permanent. This corona shit is a giant social experiment.

  5. I wonder if we aren't already doomed, as I watch a never ending line of disasters and assaults on freedom and millions surrendering without a word in protest; its like watching a line of dominoes stretching into infinity fall one after the other with no end in sight. This is scary nightmare stuff I never thought I would see and I'm thinking me and Toto are not in Kansas anymore even though its state I spent my childhood years.

  6. You call the governor of California a fool and yet you can't even pronounce Fauci correctly. Lol! Sorry Mr. Hexenhitler. You don't get to chose who lives or dies in a pandemic. Just because you think being young and healthy automagically protects you from CV-19 doesn't mean that we should force immunocompromised groups with high comorbidities — which number in the millions — back into their late capitalist hamster cages.

    And being asymptomatic, or having no symptoms of viral infection does not mean you're going to be safe from long-tern internal organ damage. CV-19 affects the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, and the gastrointestinal tract.

    You're calling for Newsom to be removed from office but it is you who should be removed from Youtube for intentionally spreading false information about a deadly disease that has killed over one-hundred thousands Americans within the span of four months.

  7. Higher than 20 to 30 percent I think… My uncle got the covid in a care home in mn, out of his wing of 20, they all got it and died except for my uncle… He pulled through somehow.

  8. These lockdowns and riots reek of an insurance scam. I'll bet they're doing this to get a bailout. The fact they they can blame Orange Man is just icing on the cake.

  9. Your missing the point… numbag nussum is placing his bets on getting creepy Joe to win and give his state a bailout before his state implodes. It's very risky and foolish.. but yeah, the man is a fool.

  10. I think it came to Alaska in December during that time between when the 1st cases showed up in Wuhan and when the commies finally announced it. 5 million people left Wuhan during that span of time and many of them flew into Anchorage where their plan stopped for refueling and the travelers were allowed to wander the airport unhindered. Many people here got very sick during that time. So many kids and teachers were sick at my grandsons school the week or so before Christmas vacation they almost shut the school down. One of the work camps on the slope was put in isolation because so many workers were sick. They had to fly one guy out to the hospital. I don't know of anyone who actually died from it at that time. I was sick for 3 days but I lived and I'm in several high risk groups. So if we did have it then and they tested us today would we be counted as new cases I wonder. It's all about bringing the US down. The US must be destroyed if they are going to bring in their OWG/NWO whatever they want to call it.