The Governor Of New York Has Completely Lost Her Mind!!


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  1. That press secretary just sat there, and assailed maga republicans as being hateful, divisive, taking away our rights, and keeping people from voting. Seriously?!! How these guys get away with this crap is just utter corruption! Notice they NEVER follow up with ANY proof or evidence EVER of their accusations. All because they don't have any proof! All they have are baseless accusations. And maga republicans? LOL You're talking pretty much damn near all republicans with that kind of description or phrase. It's just disgusting. There are so many examples we could give of their lies, and accusations… it's just another example of their sick and twisted games they play. They never have any proof or evidence, because none exists. They might come up with something, but it's completely flawed, and failed. How they can sit there and basically accuse republicans of wanting to take away our freedoms? Like hiring 87,000 IRS agents to come after the middle class? LOL They are so evil and twisted. And things like titling their bill as inflation reduction when the bill, like all the ones before, has absolutely nothing to do with the title. And their lies can be all proven with video of themselves. LOL

  2. That’s fine, let CA and NY be the hives for liberals. Then the other states clamp down to make sure democrats are not allowed to leave as these states die on the vine, losing jobs and companies.

  3. If she’s not a representative to all, regardless of political leaning, then her words as a official, speaking in a official capacity ie a public servant, then she’s violating the 14th amendment and discriminating against citizens

  4. You can bet whatever the left calls you they are just projecting themselves. They are calling the right fascist because they are betting the American people don’t know what fascism really is. If you understand fascism you can clearly see the left are both communists and fascist. They pushing centralized government. Public private partnership. Censorship of opposing view points along with prosecution of those standing against those in power. The left is playing three card Monty with the American people believing we are just a stupid mark.

  5. Unfortunately the Republican establishment is completely out of touch and unable to really capitalize on any of this. It’s still the party of Reagan and Bush and Jack Kemp and Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand. The Zionist oligarchs own both parties and want to screw over working people yet we can fight more wars for Israel. Plenty of money for that but not enough money for helping out the American people.

  6. As a conservative NYer This is disgusting from some one who didn’t win any election to sit in that seat and a political map will show you almost all of ny besides the 5boros,Albany,Rochester and Syracuse it’s a red state period. Blue crew live in the slums and the worst parts of the state

  7. If I was living in New Youk, I'd say "Fine. You pay for my bus trip and moving expenses. Otherwise, shut up. If you can do that for the 5.4 million of us, then do it."
    In fact, she should raise the taxes of liberal New Yorkers to pay for this exodus.
    Does she realize if all Republicans left New York for Florida and Texas, those two states would become much more powerful in Congress at the expense of New York? Texas and Florida would add probably 3 more seats each come 2032 while New York would lose yet another 5. She should say these things. She's just shooting herself in the foot.

  8. Let's just build a wall around around NEW YORK and they can be totally self sustaining country. Cut off all trade and move the STOCK EXCHANGE to another state. And all good conservatives can move out to other states. We really don't need NEW YORK. At least with present administration in power anyway.

  9. You are correct. Although, given the massive increase in crime in New York over the past 8 years, and still increasing today, Lee Zeldin will not win. New York City and the five boroughs will see to it that Hochul wins. Like California, New York is unfortunately becoming a HOPELESS STATE.

  10. So the people who don't want to keep doubling down on fantasy land agenda that can't possibly be achieved and actually values raw merit over what you were born as aren't true New Yorkers? Okay…enjoy your downward decline then because it seems the Republican party is only for those who can do for themselves and have the will to do so, but what else is new?

  11. Fascism (according to Wikipedia): …a far-right, authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement, characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, belief in a natural social hierarchy, subordination of individual interests for the good of the nation and race, and strong regimentation of society and the economy

  12. Old commie play; call us fascists while they're doing all the things fascists do. That way, when their fascist actions finally provoke a response from us they can scream "SEE! WE TOLD YOU THEY'RE FASCISTS!" And then gulag time.

  13. It's sick how these marxist trash can appropriate any word, re-define it to spew hate,lies, deflection, projection. People are just sick of their blatant lies, smears and communist behavior.

  14. Remember that when they talk about "their rights, their democracy" they are talking about their lgbtq cult, and they are right, we want to do whats right, enforce the border laws, eliminate groomers, stop kids being mutilated, prevent doctors from killing babies, and protect ourselves with our second amendment that the left so wants to take away.

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