The great climate LIE exposed in new data on Great Barrier Reef

New data shows that the Great Barrier Reef is at a 30-year high but the media won’t tell us that. Since the GBR is used to show us doom and gloom, why don’t we get this good news about it? Some insight about how we should think about climate change in a more productive way.

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  1. I’m so grateful that I found you two! Just want to say if you haven’t already please subscribe and join them on their private site, there’s a wealth of information that you can’t see on here!!

  2. Why is it, with the overall climate of the planet, that people forget, that everything comes and goes in cycles?? There is also a lot of evidence to suggest that the alleged warming of the planet, apparently caused by man, is actually caused by a large solar system body, passing nearer earth. It's called gravitational friction. Gravity from another body in space, sort of rubs against our magnetic field, which has a heating effect.
    Don't forget, we were told in the 70's, that there was a coming ice age!!!! I remember a doc with Mr Spock telling me this !!!!! I'm still alive, my balls have not frozen off!!!!!

  3. I suggest that these people read Hubert H Lamb And Hermann Flohn's Research Books On Climate, Professors Of Climate And No One Today Pays Any Attention To Them! They Are True Scientist and Discovery, We Are Being Fed A Bunch Of Bull!

  4. The problem is that there are legitimate problems that they are using for their own benefit.
    Our magnetic field is in decline with the south pacific anomaly being the worst part and us getting into solar maximum. Scientists also theorize we are also leaving the arm of the galactic current sheet meaning possible outbursts from our sun in our lifetime which would decimate our technology.

  5. This reminds when I was a kid and the hole in the ozone layer was the trendy thing, they said in a few years you wouldn't even be able to go outside due to radiation.

  6. They want to fear people. If we become vulnerable, they will show us "the solution" (irony), and have the totall control of our mind, making our lives miserable.
    They want everything for them, nothing for us.
    Brazil the best place to live in. Much proud of our Nature, including the Amazon Rainforest.

  7. I worked in a kindergarten and overheard one little girl telling a few other children that her mom said this planet is dying. I felt sick because they, at 4 and 5 years old, thought they had no future. I said that is not true. I told them "every single time they see a blade of grass growing through the concrete sidewalk, it is the earth saying it won't die, but please be nice to me" 😀
    Some kids said they felt better and that they see that blade of grass all the time.
    We humans are part of nature!!!

  8. For gawd sake people. How can you see thru geopolitical propaganda so easily and be duped so utterly by the corporate energy complex. I spent twelve years in this sector. You are being doltish dupes at a truly epic level. SMH.

  9. I was told when I visited the reef back in 2003 it was dieing because all the pesticides on the farm land and sugar Caine plantations that line northern Australia's coastline in the wet months was washing into the reef no mention of any climate change back then .

  10. It's always a "threat" you either cant, or it is very difficult to prove or disprove. The reef, polar bears, the ozone layer, global warming, climate change. Anyone that believes this drivel has no common sense. Coral reefs are tropical. If water temps go up they wont be affected. We humans are also tropical creatures, we were just able to spread across the globe because of fire, clothing and shelter. You guys should have Dr.Moore co-founder of Greenpeace on the show. He will paint a very detailed and scientific picture for you. His book is brilliant and anyone can read it.
    All of this "science" is just predetermined propaganda.

  11. I went snorkeling on the great barrier Reef in February. The tour guide advised that white coral is new coral just starting to grow. There were heaps of new coral. So they were calling new coral, bleached coral.


  13. In late June 2022 the CBC in Canada announced that there was a 30 degree Celsius (86 F) heat wave in Iqaluit, Nunavut (Formerly Canada's Northwest Territory). It was a bold faced lie. The temperature that day was 10 C (50 F). Absolute bold faced climate lieing by the media.

  14. Not sure about the 2% comment. I think they had been talking about 50% reduction of carbon emissions.

    The Volcano by Tonga emitted in its one eruption carbon dioxide equal to what humans produce in one year.

    Also, since the Earth is internally warming (this I has nothing to do with man) there will be more and more seismic activity. Which means more volcanoes erupting now then in the past.

  15. We have stopped the development of a coal export Port that would have added tons and tons of coal dust to the Great Barrier Reef. We also don't allow nitrogen from coastal farms to run off into the reef area. This has also helped with the ongoing health of the Great Barrier Reef.

  16. This amazing planet that we have the privilege to live on has gone through many climate changes over billions of years, and will continue to do so! In relative terms, we humans have been here for a nanosecond, unfortunately our human arrogance, presumes it's here for our benifit! The Earth will go through many changes over the next few billion years until the sun dies. Humans love to think they in control, but in reality, we're irrelevant to the universe!

  17. I think we need to do things to save the planet. Like stop cruise ships from dumping tons and tons of pollution into the oceans, stop cruise ships from ripping up the coral wreaths with their anchors. Stop using private plains like busses, informed illegal dumping into lakes and water ways. Save the rain forests. Plant more trees. Make mining companies stop polluting the environment and make them have environmentally clean up the messes that they make. Enforce it. Use Canadian gas the cleanest in the world and stop getting gas and oil from countries that do not have produce clean oil

  18. I am old and get frustrated with the lack of common sense. They have declared a war on carbon. That is a war on plants and humans. Humans take in oxygen and release carbon. Plants take in carbon and release oxygen. Its simple really. Another form of genocide.

  19. 30-35 years ago they told about climate worming, then 10 years ago they change it in climate change, now this is don't work anymore, they have to change it again. It's hilarious!

  20. Louis Pasteur was ridiculed for suggesting there could be organisms too small for the eye to see which cause sickness and death. Then there was the gentleman who suggested that there were tectonic plates in the Earth's crust. He was ridiculed as well. The scientific community is well known for being closed-minded. You wouldn't think so but it is! And nothing has changed. The most recent group we have are those that say if you even question climate change that you're a person of very bad character, a "climate change denier". Based on that history those that are being ridiculed by the so-called scientific community are probably correct.

  21. Its not just the coral reefs, the whole climate change thing is BS. Yes the world's climate maybe changing but it has been since the dawn of time.
    In the UK the MSM now refer to it as human induced climate change – constant fear mongering and mass brainwashing. How can this miss/diss information be called out and cancelled

  22. The trillions of tons of ice beneath the ice on top of the Antarctic is going to be headed to the surface within a year so I’d be moving away from the oceans if I were you the mainstream is never going to tell you what’s going on underneath the Antarctic

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