The Great Darkness – The Children of MK-ULTRA

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Special thanks to Jo-Ann, Anne Diamond and Herve for telling your stories.

Due to a copyright claim I have unfortunately had to remove some footage regarding the Montreal baby black market, which involved the trafficking and selling of thousands of babies from catholic orphanages in Quebec to the united states.

Court documents:

Rod Viennea- the dark history of the duplessis orphans
Anne Diamond – My cold war
Anne Diamonds website:

Manchurian Candidate
Subproject 68 trailer –
the strange case of wilhelm reich
Minds of Men -Truthstream-
Eminent Monsters –
Le Orphelins de Duplessis

Written by The Truth Factory


  1. This is definitely one of the best, most comprehensive, fact based videos on MK Ultra I’ve seen! Amazing work, I’ve known about most of this for many years but I learned new information which is rare! Most videos just say it happened or claim it’s still happening (which I do believe) but provide little to no evidence, details or witness testimonies. Happy I found your channel!

  2. This is true….

    Moloch or Molech worship is very prominent globally and within the U.S.

    It is an ancient Canaanite deity depicted as Bull or Owl or Orb/Sphere as some symbology. Young children and infants were sacrificed to it by means of burning them alive.

    NBA basketball team Chicago Bull's 'red bull' logo is a modern day representation of Moloch.

    Red Bull energy drink logo again another 'red bull' is also Moloch.

    There is no coincidence these two franchises don 'Red bulls' as their logos. My guess is the color red represents the flames to burn them alive, as well as the color of blood…

    Bohemian Society has an "owl"

    Famous rapper drake OVO represents an "owl"

    Planet parenthood has the third eye, owl eye as it's logo of Moloch.

    Hell, even Mortal Kombat Armageddon the video game has an unlockable character called Moloch which is a Bull-ogre demon creature with a 'third eye's it also has an orb which it uses to smash things with. Within the video game the orb pertains to back story of the character Moloch, there's even concept are for the game which has an owl perched on the orb… No joke look up Mortal Kombat Armageddon Moloch/Molech and search it more for yourself… (I also find it funny this is talking about MK ultra, kind of funny how Mortal Kombat has "MK" I think Mortal Kombat itself was implemented/contracted by government agencies as a form of entertainment which uses excessive violence to desensitize us and reveal their ideals, beliefs, esoteric occult)

    There are so plenty of documentaries and testimonials out there that implicate government involvement with shady dealings, psychotic-sociopathic demonic influence..

    If you yearn to know more I can shed more light give you sources and leads…

  3. @31:45

    That's what they're trying to do with Covid19. Aside from it being made in a lab and being released to lower the population, and be an additional distraction to keep the general public's attention elsewhere instead of us digging into the truths of the human-child trafficking, experiments, weapons and drugs trades they've been involved with. They're trying to keep deprive us of our everyday normal functions…

  4. We can never underestimate the depths of evil man will go to. Moral folk will often deny such occurrences out of the un-imaginability of such depravity, they forget people exist that will do the unthinkable.

  5. This is why the church is anti Choice, they want children to be born to mothers who have no choice but to hand them over to the door steps of the largest pedo ring on earth. Can't have children in you orphanage if women have Plan A, Plan B, or Plan C. Their own followers are supplying them with babies.

  6. 1) Quebec relied on religious organizations for social services long before Duplessis came to power.
    2) Don't use words such as "genocide" and "slaughterhouse" in order to intentionally mislead people.
    3) Including videos of Duplessis orphans talking about their experiences doesn't really contribute anything to your video, but there's no harm in you doing that per se. The issue is that relying on things people say about experiences that happened to them decades ago instead of solid evidence can lead you to have inaccurate views about these sorts of things. It would obviously be considered evidence if hundreds of Duplessis orphans all say that they experienced the same thing, but for a lot of your claims you don't have such evidence.
    4) The Canadian government was funding medical experimentation? Do you have any evidence of this?
    5) You're completely insane. There is no evidence that Mengele had anything to do with the orphan scandal.
    6) I don't think there's any evidence for any of this slander about Lehmann. I looked it up and the only things I could find were Anne Diamond's website and (which I'd like to point out was founded by the Church of Scientology). Using these source is okay, but would help if you said which sources you were getting which points from so that people didn't need to do over 100 pages worth of reading in order to understand your arguments (over 100 pages not including the books).
    7) There's no evidence that MKUltra had anything to do with the orphan scandal.

    Your first two sources don't make any of your particularly ridiculous claims while your last two sources don't have adequate evidence for the claims you make. As a strong supporter of Duplessis, I acknowledge that the orphan scandal was a mistake, but I have no reason to think that he did it with bad intentions. Duplessis cared a lot about responsible spending, so it's not surprising that he went too far to balance the budget on a few occasions. I recommend that you do more research and find better evidence before making claims like these.

  7. SO many of these people, now adults, have escaped this nightmare and are now telling there stories everywhere. I dont know they thought they could keep them all quiet.

  8. My aunt is one of those many babies given up in Montreal in the 40’s and 50’s, she was lucky and had a very good life, but it still took my family 15 years of searching to find her, and reunite her with my grandmother. It’s funny, they looked like twins lost in time.

  9. I am a survivor of Project Monarch, an offshoot of MK-Ultra. I feel deeply for these individuals, their lives were indeed a living hell 🙁 They attempted to erase my past memories by exposing my brain to large amounts of radiation, also an artifact was implanted in 2008. This is much more ubiquitous than most individuals believe…

  10. My all time favorite cat… if anyone will beat us all to the truth of the Anthony Wiener laptop, it will be The Truth Factory kitty 🙂

  11. In Ireland there was a pride in the virtue of Irish youth compared to the promiscuity and lax behavior of the English. The harsh treatment of unwed mothers and forced adoptions were part of a feeling that these had let down the name of Ireland. Part of the mix…not very Christian at all.

  12. In 1966 I took a college field trip to the facility in Maryland…we were shown all this, including videos extolling the miracle of LSD. Please be sure the people who did these things were very proud of it…they opened the doors to many field trips from education college classes. I was numb at hearing it and seeing things like the sensory deprivation chamber, etc. And remember the American Psychaitric Assn. approved of Dick Cheney's torture programs.

  13. Canadian Duplisses Children in Quebec and the CIA many of the Children are still locked up….The vatican proclaimed parishioners were to multiply too many people could not afford.
    ( the children were told thier Mothers were unwed when in fact the Families had many children )….Look under the concrete at Quebec Liqueur warehouses….Trudue senior knew.
    LAW SUITS !!!!…..roman religion is satanic.
    Those Doctor names are bosheviks they are NOT GERMAN was cameron hiding behind a Saxon name like maxwell does….Bolsheviks are diabolical they are the war like CAInaanites and KazAYRAN…..80% settled in israel after WW2

    This is very dangerous stuff.
    The real truth is two evil factions blamed it on the Germans.its like fish Not all Germans are fish and not all fish are German….Revisit TRUE History. you will see….LAW SUITS

    Thank You for posting this maybe the Children will find restitution….As for the blm GET IN LINE with the rest of them..

  14. Christianity is the biggest LIE ever SOLD. Jesus is the SUN traveling through the 12 houses of the zodiac. It's astrotheology. SUN worship! Queen Elizabeth is the SUN god that's who you truly worship on SUNday morning. You all have been such incredible FOOLS!!! KJV is MK ULTRA!!

  15. Thank you so much Kitty for putting this together. Very informative, you put it together brilliantly. I'll share this with friends and family because I think this is important for people to see as harrowing and upsetting as it is to watch. Thank you again