The great excess deaths mystery

UnHerd’s Freddie Sayers is joined by Stuart McDonald to discuss the curious case of the UK’s excess deaths.

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00:00 – 01:32 – Introduction
01:32 – 6:06 – Actuary Stuart McDonald discusses the culture war around the UK’s excess deaths and ONS data on deaths
6:06 – 09:18 – Why have more people been dying in the last 10 weeks than we’d normally expect?
09:18 – 12:35 – What happened to the expected spike in cancer deaths, and why are heart-related conditions so prevalent in excess deaths?
12:35 – 25:18 – Why does Stuart believe the COVID vaccines aren’t leading to excess deaths?
25:18 – 28:41 – Is the increased pressure on the NHS causing excess deaths?
28:41 – 32:32 – Are the excess deaths a result of lockdowns?
32:32 – 34:07 – Why are fit, young, healthy sportspeople keeling over?
34:07 – 35:46 – Is Stuart confident enough to rule out vaccines as a factor in excess deaths entirely?
35:46 – 37:07 – Concluding thoughts

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  1. I call BS on what hes saying about Cancer early diagnosis. In all likelihood its better if you dont know and therefore avoid all the toxic dr'ing. Bodies can right themselves given the chance.

  2. Mr McDonald has probably had the vaccine. All his reasoning is biased towards the mainstream narrative as he must had agreed with it to have he jab. Excess deaths, as he says, are either related to covid or to the vaccine. Given that we don't know which of the two is the clear cause of excess death, it is still safer not to vaccinate. As for the power of the vaccine to protect against covid, that is the joke of the century.

  3. I'm wondering why he is so nervous and stuttering, vaccines are not the cause of excess deaths, (safe and effective?), mostly it's the fault of ambulance and A/E response times, admits that excess deaths are across all adult ranges,then at 33'50" he laments the "eye grabbing" nature of the death of young sports men, but SEES NO EVIDENCE of anything out of the ordinary……..folks, deception detected. He's lying his ass off.

  4. Amazing. In summer the NHS is under the type of pressure normally seen in winter which is, in turn contributing to the large numbers of excess deaths yet no explanation is offered as to why this is. Also, this actuary emphasises he's not a medical professional yet claims the experimental gene therapy injections "have saved millions of lives worldwide" and he dismisses any idea that they have had any causal effect on the excess mortality. Mental gymnastics in overdrive.

  5. Uninterpretable confounding by association is the key weakness of non medically qualified scientists "interpreting" or guessing using models to expalin biology they are not involved with nor understand at a mechanistic level. A huge problem with the vast majority of speculations here and elsewhere.

  6. What about healthy people dropping dead? How much of an expert must you be to correlate unhealthy aged people to morbidity? Dissect that pimple on the arse of the elephant in the room. But ignore the big grey animal standing right in front of you. Journalism 101.

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