The great Qantas grift

While Qantas services sank and 9000 lost their jobs, chief executive Alan Joyce engineered the biggest transfer from the public money to a corporation in Australia’s history. This was the non-bailout bailout. Time for a rethink on corporate welfare.

Written by The West Report


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  1. Alan has been a self interested CEO and terrible money hungry cancer at Qantas. It’s now just another avaricious agnostic corporate entity. Best to fly with Singapore Airlines, etc. At least they deliver.

  2. I don’t think re-nationalisation is necessarily the answer. Malaysian Airlines were once government owned, then privatised. Now they have been re-nationalised but are performing two or three pegs worse than Qantas, if such a thing were possible, because decreasing pay and conditions have left whatever staff there are left, demoralised.

  3. I worked in their reservations centre in North Sydney many years ago. The training was hell and on the floor the atmosphere was thick with tension. There was a glass booth in the middle of the room where they would listen into your calls. On taking live calls I was really getting the hang of things despite having to repeat the training course due to a fail on one of the papers. After the exam I was called in and spoken too like a piece of rubbish. Instead of some reassurance I was threatened. Once taking live calls I was pulling up bookings that were not correct and having to fix things. Unfortunately I had RSI which I thought I could beat. When they found out I was fired.

  4. The most important questions are –
    Where has all the Money and Wealth gone?
    Who has stolen all of Australia’s Money and Wealth?
    And which Australian’s are part of this GLOBAL CRIME SYNDICATE?
    Are there any real Crime Fighters or Journalists left in Australia? ( This one is easy – NO )

  5. Booked a flight from Sydney to San Francisco for August that was abruptly cancelled. They re-booked me to land in Los Angeles, but didn't arrange a connecting flight to San Fran. When I rang they really didn't give a flying fork until I fired up on the phone. Apparently dumping you 300 miles from your destination is good enough for Qantas.
    They have not impressed me recently.

  6. I too will never fly again with QANTAS while current management are in charge. When a mistake regarding a booking was made. Y my travel agent they wanted to charge me $2000 for a business class flight for my son back to Australia otherwise he would not be permitted to fly back with my family and I. Their unwillingness to see the obvious mistake and make allowances opened my eyes. If they have the opportunity to hold you to virtual ransom, they will. Luckily the travel agent paid the asking price after frantic calls to them, no cost to me. It I saw what QANTAS was from that experience. NEVER AGAIN.

  7. Engineers taking sickies, but the planes are still safe because someone signs off on it is not quite the truth because what is not mentioned is how often and with how many open log book maintenance entries the plane goes goes buzzing through the sky.

  8. I'm Ex-Qantas Melbourne sacked for not getting the jab. Everything you are saying is true, management has been a place of failing upwards so if you are bad at your job on the floor you don't get sacked you get promoted. I have had managers that could not spell correctly (even using a computer lol) and could not put a sentence together to save their life. Last year was a shi&tshow of sickies because management would only give days off to their mates and everyone else would get told NO due to operational reasons. We were running below a skeleton staff level and now since a lot of people were sacked due to the mandates god only knows how it's running.

  9. Alan Joyce has behaved very badly in the eyes of the public. What a joke blaming travellers for being “not match fit” .Suck it up Alan you are failing your customers, your staff and the great history of our company. It will be down the road for you Al , very shortly!

  10. Qantas used to be great while it was serviced in Australia. When this greedy management took over qantas went down, they take and take and give nothing back.

  11. Read the book on the history of Qantas and its creators always treated their staff with respect and never put their salary ahead of their staff. This current CEO is an overpaid greedy elitist.

  12. Joyce is not even Australian and thats one of theproblems in Australia, we allow these foreign prats to come into our country and run our companies without the Australian cultural values.

  13. I rarely comment on youtube. I have no skin in this game. I absolutely loathe the Irish git. Anyone who has an argument with their staff and grounds their whole fleet standing passengers around the globe should be pilloried. I will bring my own rotten tomatoes, and fly Virgin to get there.

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