The Great Reset: FACT or FICTION? With ALEX JONES | Louder With Crowder

From last weeks episode… but if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the official cliff-notes version!

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“Eat My Butt” #covid #lockdowns #alexjones

Written by CrowderBits


  1. Hi I am from Melbourne Australia and they are currently taking healthy people who have been near someone with covid and putting them in hotel quarantine. For thirteen days

  2. Globalist DB’s will find the majority of this planet inhospitable to their health and their enclaves beset by hazardous organisms which strive against them.

  3. My nephew had someone come to my sister's home to pressure her to get the shot! They gave her the shot in her home! This is in Atlanta/Smyrna.

  4. I'm an American here in the UK, shielding here just means older or people with weak immunity stay in their homes to shield themselves from infection

  5. If the elite parasites want a reset, let’s give them one. A world of community, self reliance, freedom, family values, and WITHOUT THEM.

  6. ive never ever, in my whole damn life, gotten a "are you immunized" calls ever.. no one i know has ever gotten one.. what are you on gerald 2?

  7. Funny how the powers that be banished Alex from everything, only prompted countless other individuals to use their channels to keep Alex out front of all this. Every attempt they make to silence the truth, the more cracks in the damn emerge.

  8. The thing about Alex Jones is that he's a fire hose. He kicks out so much information, it's hard to take it all in. I'm glad that he's realizing that he needs to slow down sometimes for people to get what he's really saying.

  9. I'm so intuitive, I seen this coming. What's wrong with people and why can't see this? We all know it's wrong. But they are instilling fear in everyone. Something big is about to happen…. Watch. It's going to come and I really don't think it's a good thing. I pray this STOPS! The government don't care, half the country is confused and half have mental health issues now thanks to this government. They're supposed to be for the ppl by the ppl, but ppl are evil, greedy, nasty, rude, egotistical and narcissistic. Rapture!
    I pray this fucking stops! 💯

  10. Amish lifestyle doesn't seem so bad now does it?
    Hard to control them when they don't use a lot of the modern BS that can track and trace people.
    Maybe more people need to form similar communities to go against the flow.