The Great Reset is Coming for You

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  1. It’s not “techno optimism.” It’s their utopia. Totalitarian dictatorships ALWAYS offer a utopia that they NEVER fulfill. Look at Mao’s Great Leap Forward for how it works out (literally over our dead bodies)

  2. 😱 I figured it out!!!
    They will be at the top of the pyramid, collecting all the money to pay for their Mars colony and they’ll move!! Leaving us here!! 😂

  3. Climate crisis and COViD two of the most blatant scams foisted on the world and the only winners are Blackrock, Gore, Koch Brothers (for example) and their faceless cronies and in Australia it's the wealthy middle class lefties that swallowed it hook, line and sinker while tooling around like pretentious twats in their Tesla's and Prius hybrids on the way to their oceanside holiday homes. The cretin that is in charge of CCP of Western Australia just big noted himself by announcing the closure of coal fired power by 2030. Strange how not one of these wankers ever mentions Nuclear.

  4. Population reduction is a must for this reset! First to go is the Baby Boomers. Watch by 2030 most of them will be gone! Birth rates continue to fall, then food shortages, and WAR! Population reduction is one part of this reset. “We're going away. Pack your shit, folks. We're going away. George Carlin

  5. People will come to realize that there are very clear lines being drawn right now. The window of opportunity to have any discussions of substance is closing quickly. Politicians saying some pretty disturbing things about the supreme court is not good. Eventually there won’t be anything to say that won’t lead to violence. You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution. Deal with the reality and plan accordingly

  6. My family is down one member. Wife of 20 years died March 2021 from an aggressive cancer, out of the blue. So just me and 6 year old son now. No clue if we will survive this. Partially depends on whether my employer makes me start coming into the office soon or not, and also how bad all this stuff gets.

  7. Item 6 "there will be a global price for carbon which will help make fossil fuels history."

    Fossil fuels will still be around in 2030, just that the killer of the industry will have been birthed…

    The population will eventually bust, and maybe the remaining 500M will be able to live off green tech at a TBD date…

  8. For me its more like "Whatever I want i'll own it and i'll fly my own drones" but NOT DJI drones, because China has backdoor spying tech within their software.

  9. Living forever is the lie that some would have you believe. I mean, that was the original curse, right? Dying you shall die. And now, wait, but we have something to break that curse, and living you shall not die. Or will you actually be dead already, never having lived.

  10. I'm on board with you about the pattern recognition, and using demographic statistics to find the happy medium.. the one subject we are sort of pussy-footing around about is that it's impolite to be on a loud phone conversation in public..! And it's impolite to have to hear your struggles about which bathroom to use..! Not only do I not want to hear the struggle going on outside the bathroom, but I don't want to hear the struggles going on IN the stall, way impolite.. apperently it bares repeating.. and its time somebody needs to say it, or wears it as a t-shirt,wristbands, whatever..!Perhaps saying all this in a nice way is what YOU can do for all of us and as key witness (firstpersonparticipantin life)for the litigation of our species.. which seems to be at risk these days..

  11. At 15:16 right now, and yes, the elite will promise a better future when the world degrades to a very low point, and they will be accepted. The problem is, they will have absolute power, and as we all know, absolute power absolutely corrupts. They will know better than the rest of us, because in their minds they are the elite. But nobody is perfect, and in their incomplete knowledge and wisdom, they will cause great suffering and pain. And I would not be surprised if one rises above all others.

  12. At 23:15, we could be going to Mars. Only a fraction of a percent of people would enjoy going to Mars, as it is a one way trip to death, and no creature comforts, and likely you will be bombarded with interstellar radiation that will mutate your genes and ensure you die a quick death on Mars. Yes, we could be going to Mars. But we could also be going to the center of a volcano. But why would we choose to do either? Most wouldn't.

  13. At 25:30, yes, UFO/UAP's have increased dramatically in recent years. The elites here seem to be just jumping on the bandwagon to make it seem glamorous, but in reality seem just as lost as the pentagon.

  14. At 26:20, Bob Bigelow worked closely with the Defense industry to examine the UAP's on Skinwalker ranch, but it was all classified. Now the new owner, "Brandon", is doing scientific studies based on the prior observations, and releasing it all to the public in piecemeal fashion. Well, perfect way to condition us all to what is coming.

  15. You know they must have flow charts of social/economic/political events that branch to many future possibilities and plans on how to further their agenda for each branch. One branch is if nukes are used which will create fear.

  16. Thank you for sharing this. The pieces are all lining up. It's willful ignorance and blatant denial of what your eyes and ears are seeing and hearing to be call this some conspiracy or something that's nothing to worry about

  17. It’s more about tightening control as the Thucydides Trap springs. (Clash of empires west vs China). Given time and planning, There are ample energy alternatives for example a thousand years worth of coal and shale oil. Nuclear power is proven viable, Thorium reactors will completely solve the energy (as soon as they efficiently isolate the right molten salt isotope that don’t absorb free neutrons).

  18. Chris, you're an important point 9:24 'a handful of countries will dominate not the US' – it signals the transfer of power away from the countries, away from you and I to unelected officials like the WEF, UN, WHO, …

  19. That's exactly what the plebs deserve. Those criminals make their plans crystal clear and move forward. Meanwhile, sheeple whine and comply. Enjoy your miserable lives!! Their plan is well known yet they are still breathing… oh well!!

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