The Great Reset Is NOW, Inflation Sparks Rising Prices And Shortages, Liberals Will Regret It Most

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  1. Either because I live in a mostly red State or because my State and its neighbors produce enormous amounts of food, I haven’t experienced any of this. Pretty sure it’s a blue thing.

  2. If the cities collapse what do you think happens to the countryside when the cities collapse Tim? Are you capable of thinking past the next five years. Those bug eaters will be in your front yard by the thousands. Hope you have a LOT of friends to go with those guns.

  3. Actually, there are lots of cicada recipes. It is real food. Just not food I would ever intentionally eat even though supposedly they actually taste pretty good

  4. Because all of us Conservatives that know how to hunt and live off the land know that soon we will have beggers and criminals kicking down our doors for food. I actually dont mind sharing but you will have to put in the work. I wont help someone who wont help themselves.

    So learn a new skill you can trade or work for me. That is your options.

    A lot of people would say that is an elitist attitude. No, its just the attitude of someone who isnt freaking lazy, but also not working to provide for his family and you.

  5. Countries are too self-interested and greedy to agree to a great reset, which is what you would need: global cooperation. The profligate countries trying to reset will get bowled over by the countries that are actually wealthy.

  6. "Conservatives seem to be the ones that are mostly upset by this idea of living with nature, but they're the ones who actually know how to do it."

    Yeah, because we understand it's difficult and over romanticized.

  7. They are making going to work trivial encouraging a healthy lifestyle and living life instead of living to work.

    How dare they

  8. Over the past year I've bought a House, a Car, and basically everything else I've ever wanted and still have a few thousand saved in the bank. I've gone from broke as a joke unable to afford gas to get to work to feeling the most comfortable I've ever been.

    I've been really financially healthy since Covid mainly cause my Factory never really shut down we just switched to producing medical equipment.

  9. Here's how it really goes: you ows 100k. You make 100k/yr. Inflation hits, prices and wages skyrocket. Now you make 200k but still only owe 100k.

  10. The unemployment grifters give the gov the excuse to legalize border jumpers to fill all those jobs. Then they cut off the unemployment and voila! White Supremes are displaced.


  12. Eat less but better. Grass fed need, pasture eggs, etc. Grow microgreens and sprouts at home. Have land? Seed farms are needed to provide seed for microgreens. Eat less, eat better.

  13. Let me know when you spineless sheep are ready to actually FIGHT for a change. I've got the ability to equip and feed a rather grand army these days. I might end up having to get into cloning because it's too hard to find MEN in this country.

  14. I make WAY less than 400k and year and I just had my company put everyone at $15 an hour and I get nothing with 20 years of experience. An was told it has to be fair for the same job, so my 20 yrs means absolutely nothing.

  15. Yes, conservative know how to live on the land but doesn't mean we always want to. And if this great reset happen I hate to say the only ones who are going to survive are the Libertarians who know how to live off the land, conservatives, and the Amish!