The GREAT RESET Is Real, World Economic Forum Calls For Global RESET And Leftist Values After COVID

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  1. making everything equal (with force) kills human drive to develop, progress and individual growth – it's a law of nature – equilibrium is a state of no driving forces – you can say it's a state of "death"

  2. the talk about crypto got me thinking about something i saw recently which im surprised didnt make major news headlines. i noticed a new currency ive never seen before, It was valued at over $14,000. $1000 more than what BTC is worth at this moment. I looked at its history, and in a span of 2 months , from july to september, it went from being worth $1000 to over $40,000, MORE THAN DOUBLE what Bitcoin was worth at its all time high in 2018, how is this not major news? BTC has been at the top of the market since its birth essentially. I also find it curious that BTC is already valued at $3,000 more than its peak before covid whereas every other major crypto is still recovering from covid. Something is happening with the crypto market right now that is beyond me but I'd love to see further investigation and reporting. I can't help but think it has something to do with china given everything thats going on and the fact that there are major factories in china dedicated to mining bitcoin and make up for a significant percentage of the total circulation of bitcoin

  3. Just like The Third Impact. Everyone wants to control how the world crashes to achieve their ends. So caught up with things that they don’t realize the desolation they caused. Maybe there will be a better world to come from this

  4. The Great Reset is an attempt by globalist billionaires to enslave the world under the auspices of Liberal values, love for humanity, and equality. The reality is these globalists understand that it’s very easy to manipulate most human beings because most human beings are not capable of thinking more than one move at a time, and so they use this knowledge TO manipulate people and get them to vote for or agree to horrible things that end up causing more harm than good.

    And then they blame everyone but themselves when it backfired on them.

  5. only the WEF would destroy economies by shutting everything down, then "set a new normal" and bring the new world back as a communist dystopia. what do you know???? fascists gonna be fascists. the "great reset"…. what a LIE! the great ENSLAVEMENT, more like.

  6. the great awakening is starting ,i hope its not to late ,many people like me have found out would the plan is ,and how long this plan is been going on for ,who the this people are , they go back far ,they think they were given the right to rule over us by what ever means they like, they were the beginning ,the great awaking is showing us the end of their rule over us ,time to wake up

  7. They should call it what it really is: "The great Chinese communist takeover". But then the gullable, low-IQ idiots that believe this nonsense might not like it so much.

  8. I want to warn as many people as possible, DO NOT FALL FOR BITCOIN. Bitcoin is NOT the way of the future. My father was stupid enough to pump over €40.000 into Bitcoin behind our backs, only to lose ALL of it when his wallet got hacked! If your real bank account gets hacked, the authorities will at least try track down your money and banks can reimburse you in some capacity. If your Bitcoin wallet gets hacked and all your Bitcoins are stolen, neither Bitcoin, the banks or the authorities will do ANYTHING to help you. You'll lose ALL your savings. My father had to completely refinance his home and take up a new mortgage to recover some financial stability, but he'll never get those savings back. He's been crippled with Parkinson's for over 15 years, he's unable to work, and he could've used that money to do something fun with his twilight years while he still had the chance. Now that chance has gone up in smoke, and he'll be paying off loans for the rest of his life.

  9. Get some crypto’s. These clowns at the World Economic Forum want a digital economy. Satoshi Nakamoto is most likely a part of the World Economic Forum. This was always the plan. They want to track every transaction

  10. yeah bitcoin is NOT the way to future financial freedom, it’s what the commuists in chyna will use to try and control us

  11. Bitcoin may have logs of every transaction, but until you actually withdraw that money into a bank account, it remains anonymous.

    That's why you have escrow services…

  12. We knew it was real. There is no other reason for every country to be deliberately destroying their own economies and murdering 10s of millions of people. But they are. And its ddliberate, and they are all saying new normal and build back better. We knew this as fact, they are creating a new hell and you WILL all regret not doing as I told you at the start. And I will laugh as you suffer. Because you will deserve it. You asked for this allowing leftists into your companies, your families, your society. You deserve this.

  13. Spoken about CRAZY! IT GETS CRAZIER!!! Start by who are ALL "Linked" to this.. I help a bit:The UN!!, Rockefeller, Soros.. to name a few! Than we Come at GATES! what does Gates own?? and WHAT does Gates WANT!? GATES Wants to VACCINATE EVERYBODY on the Planet!!! Now before you do anything STUPID PLEASE LISTEN to this Well Respected Doctor/Whistleblower with 19 years experience in medical field! !!!DON'T SKIP THIS!!!

  14. I tried watching this three times but Tim is so all over the place that I couldn’t get anything out of it. Can someone explain what Tim is saying here?

  15. I’ve always said COVID was done to us on purpose. The elites plans have been screwed since trump got in. They tried so hard to get rid of him causing him of their own corruptions. When that failed they enacted their back up plan… use a global pandemic to unify the world under their control. This cannot happen. Our freedoms are at stake. Vote trump back in for 4 more years and give him a chance to push back against these global elite scumbags

  16. @Timcast, HOORAY, I'm so happy that you finally talked about this subject, and Bitcoin in particular. Tim, ever since you made up your mind to vote and support Trump, you've become a lot more coherent, congruent and free from cognitive dissonance. Your delivery has become much more enjoyable and genuine. Simply, you sound a lot more honest, sincere, enthusiastic, and dare I say, more powerful. Keep up the good work and keep on rockin'.