The Great Reset Is Underway

Connor’s WEF ESG mark of the beast deepthink

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  1. I think its a bullshit think tank. Unfortunately, some countries are so full of weak ppl, and are already so far down the hole of tyranny, that theyre probably going to end up at the mercy of the bullshit think tank. America isnt great by any means, but we havent let them take our weapons. We dont let them arrest us for mean words, or beat us in the street for daring to be outside. Our court system is pretty fucked, but we dont let them hold it behind closed doors, and arrest ppl for talking about what happens behind those doors. Some of us are completely retarded, like thinking a business has no right to deny your service for not wearing a mask, but id rather have those kinda defiant retards than feeble sheep being lead to their doom. Who let themselves get arrested for Facebook posts, by cops who dont even carry firearms.

  2. Pretty sure gates is behind all that "vaccine" obsession. How no one calls him out for using it as a guise to sterilize entire communities is beyond me. Do ppl just not know what hes done?

  3. Vaccine passports were planned by the EU BEFORE covid. There was a five year plan instigated for them, which included mentions of how to deal with 'misinformation', and covid happened to drop in year three of the plan.

  4. Anti british? The ppl wont have it? Maybe anti brit historically, but you guys have bent over for all kind horseshit. Ffs theres parts of your country where youre not allowed to own a kitchen knife isnt there? All pre cut products in some of the markets?

  5. Knowing this is happening do people still believe covid was just a coincidence? what were the vaccines actually for? because I've been trying to commit suicide via covid, (unvaxxed and unmasked) but it's not working. I've decided to live and fight the New World Order.

  6. "The Davos Agenda". Also known as: A declaration of war against every man, woman, and child on the planet who isn't part of their Club. This is a war they can't win at this point, without a SEVERE intervention. They tried to use Social Media against us by deluging us with propaganda, but they missed the part that real people like to talk to each other, spreading actual news and general chat. At the end of this, you'll only have the die-hards left, and they will not be missed.

  7. They'll fail, because their entire ideology is based on contradiction and denial of reality. That's only possible for so long. The problem is that as they fail, thrashing around in their death throes, the collateral damage for the rest of us will be a period of chaos, upheaval and destruction. But the Great Awakening is unstoppable.

  8. WEF's golden boy has been busy "resetting" Canada to a setting that never existed in Canada before.

    This new setting seems to include all the worst decadent degeneracy of an empire in decline, and all the political and economic catastrophes and corruptions of a third-world sh*t-hole run by a tin pot dictator.

    Basically, Canada's on course to be a vast, beautiful… corner of hell.

    What more could a person want for his children?

  9. Funny thing about being Catholic…

    I don't have to give a fig about what the pope says when he's prattling on about the environment.

    What he says only matters under very precise circumstances.

    So far, under those circumstances, he hasn't made any doctrinal errors.

    Sure, he's an embarrassing figure for the Church on the whole, spouting off about nonsense that a pontif shouldn't be, but it bothers me little.

    When he's doing that, I just ignore him the way I ignore airhead Hollywood types when they do it.

  10. I even bought shares/bonds through vanguard/BlackRock, despite despising them, thinking that if they have this much wealth & power then at least I'll benefit, but they've gone down in value. What's the betting their regular customers are being shafted in favour of the elites? Now's a great time to buy bitcoin btw, it's lower than it's been since Mar 2020 and is sure to increase.

  11. The WEF is the new world neo-feudal Socialist aristocracy attempting to control what they consider their serfs…
    It won't turn out the way they think.
    These people forget that power comes from the CONSENT of the people….
    People are also against being enslaved and are beginning to resist.

  12. what's next? a lot of people whinging and telling me, if i vote then i'm the problem versus a lot of people whinging and telling me that i'm throwing my vote away or letting labour in when i say: vote reform uk.
    stop whinging and let them know. vote reform uk!

  13. What I don't understand is how will this fix anything. Lets say you get everyone to eat only plants. Well now you have very few plants and the animals and bug will fall off. Only eat bugs well not the plants and animals will fall off. Only bugs and plants now animals fall off. the only way that works is eating animals and plants.

  14. I love how at the bottom of this video is a "helpful" little addendum that says:
    The Great Reset is the name of the 50th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, held in June 2020."
    As if that was all there is to it. Yeah thanks YT and WP for all that "context". I feel so much better knowing y'all are out there keeping me informed.

  15. Of course inflation is part of the plan to strip everyone of what they own. How else can they implode everything? How are a few dozen egg heads permitted to do this to billions of people? When will it stop? Billions vs a few hundred at most doesn't seem like a fair fight. People need to remind these idiots who is actually in charge.

  16. if they destroy civilization (and themselves) how should we rebuild it?
    i say we start in 1950 and pretend that this whole thing never happened
    either that or we train the next dominant species to hold libertarian views
    in north america that would probably be raccoons so we should start working on that

  17. The WEF is the greatest threat to world peace, justice, safety and prosperity. The WEF is the enemy of the people. Being part of the WEF is worse than being part of the KKK or the national socialist or communism.

  18. Man there is no way they are not intentionally trying to reduce food production. This is legitimately trying to create a famine, should be treated as a war crime.

  19. Hey Carl,
    If it's a choice between plants or bugs, I'll take the Steyr SSG 69, a Beretta and an AR-15.
    "But you have to pick between plants or bu-"
    "I DID!" "…. Oh my god… I'm so sorry. I'm an American. I forget that you guys don't have options."

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