The Great Reset: Microsoft’s Shady Deals and Privacy Scandals

Did Microsoft use cosy relationships to dodge congressional grillings? Watch this Great Reset Davos special.
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Written by Russell Brand


  1. THE MESSAGES OFFERING CRYPTO CURRENCIES ARE NOT ME!!! Check for the blue verified tick!! I will NEVER ask for anything!! I won't ask for your phone number or WhatsApp and I won't ask anything over direct message (DM)!

    The only way to get in contact with me is by signing up here to receive vital messages directly from me and to get your place on the ark if we can’t sort this sh*t out.

  2. if you can answer this one question you can work out how they own everything .the federal reserve is a private bank the USA tax payer pays the bank over 300 BILLION dollars every year in interest .question 1 who gets that all that money every year ?with that money you can own all the media(not like one group of people own all the media haha) you could pay pay politicians off and use media to get them elected and distroy decent politicians with fake news . ( our government is not ran by dirty money haha )is the federal reserve owners the same owner of all other countries central banks ?

  3. If I found out Klaus Schwab had ties with the Nazis, I wouldn't be surprised. If I found out he was leading a secret fourth Reich, I wouldn't be surprised.
    If I turns out that the 2000+ SS officers who fled in the 1940s had not been idle and worked quietly in the background to reassert their ideology, I wouldn't be surprised.
    I short, I think Klaus is leading a clandestine fourth Reich using the global political mechanisms that are in place. Crazy? Yes, absolutely…but we're living in upsidedown world currently so anything goes I reckon.

  4. Yes, most if not all big businesses do that, push revenue up any way they can. I just suspect the world is far more complex than the quick conclusions you share.

  5. These people are useless and they know it. Why else would they need their last name on a table beside them, if not to attempt to Brand themselves and breed familiarity. They want what fame brings and their fortunes can not buy them which is power through influence. They even just use their last name only as an attempt for a one word power point. I think the worst thing about this "debate" is the fact that's presented in a debate format when you just they are blowing each other's egos.

    Once again, I point that psychology is used as a weapon by everyone. It serves no useful purpous. Especially when you yourself are afflicted by some of the ailments within the DCM-5 and see how their observations without experience points outs their selfish nature to twist anything and everything to suit themselves.

    Those two on the stage know they should be vilified and no celebrated. That's why it's rife with manipulation.

    Although some of the technologies they are developing would be very useful for space travel spanning decades, the rest of it is to steal your children's minds so they bring in their own open air prison.

  6. A bunch of corporate oligarchs who think they've got all the answers. All they're trying to do is delete the upcoming competition to their positions in society.
    They need us to maintain their lives, we don't need them to maintain ours. They can be replaced and they know it.