The Great Reset: This Is F*cking Scary

As government officials and leaders of international organizations meet to discuss a “financial system” to underpin the “world order”, how close is centralised “digital money” to becoming a reality, and what dangers does this bring?
#TheGreatReset #NewWorldOrder #Crypto


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. So the government's work for them instead of working for the people that are peeing their salaries because this people that are rich they get so much text relief and they don't pay taxes they don't pay the government they just buy them under the table.!!! I am so sick of the of these people

  2. This is our fault. All it takes is everyone to say "NO". People with more money than us have no right to rule. They werent elected. Im ready to say no when everyone else is. Until then Im at these asshats mercy. Thanks guys.

  3. Leftism is only always authoritarianism. I for sure expected it in Canada and the rest of the West. Just like the leftism of 1940 Germany and Soviet Union. Leftism always does this and will continue to be evil.

  4. Once this financial system comes into force we will soon have to make financial transactions using a mark or chip of some synthetic type inserted in our hand or in our forehead, no doubt.

  5. There most certainly is a conspiracy here it isn't a Theory. I recommend watching "X Factor winner reveals worlds secret religion" it exposes basically every celebrity and people In power they all serve the same group and you can bet the institutions like the WEF are bred from. The video is really long but if you watch the first 20-30mins you will see it. The super powers have already been devising the digital currencies so call able to see everything but we won't be able to see what any of them do guaranteed. There are much darker things happening in our world than even the horrific stuff they make public like wars etc

  6. I can’t believe anyone can STILL dance around this subject, it’s like all of you forget a bunch of info that matters and you start the following day with only 10% of your memory available, how did my species get so compliant and stupid?

  7. "New colonisation." That hits the nail on the head. Did everybody forget how European monarchs re-mapped and commodified Africa like it was a pie, and dehumanised everybody living there? Why would power behave any differently now?

  8. Lets face it anybody who thinks all this is a conspiracy is an idiot, if you cant see the connection now then you probably never will, the thing here Russell is you know whats happening, so two things happening you are still trying to scrape those late to the party or you still have an obsession with public adulation, being popular on youtube will not change anything , you do have influence use it, some of the chaff will fall away, but this game is coming to a head.

  9. youtube puts a 'context' banner under your videos with actual out of context lies on it. They have a big link showing a wikipedia exerpt that says the great reset is the name of the 50th annual meeting of the WEF which is factually incorrect as the WEF themselves have been touting the great reset as their global vision for the last few decades. youtube on the fake news extra hard.

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