The Great Reset: This Is How He Does It

WEF’s Young Global Leaders program has the world’s most important leaders & tech CEOs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page of Google & the founder of Wikipedia. This was explained by Nick Corbishley, who is the author of Scanned: Why Vaccine Passports and Digital IDs Will Mean the End of Privacy and Personal Freedom. #KlausSchwab #TheGreatReset #WEF

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. You'll own nothing and be happy… you'll be put in concentration camps or ghettos like WW2. They will keep living their best life. They will still have everything while you suffer.

  2. No American should put their money in any bank… you see, we let them use our money to do their gambling, they guaranteed we would get returns on our money that we let them gamble with… those days are now gone. Now, we still let them have gambling money, but even though their winning are at record highs, because the globalists who run these banks and also hate America have basically stopped giving the considerable interest of yesterday and now have also decided that they hate you as well and are so out of touch that you don’t matter. Do not use banks! Financially starve the crooks

  3. This needs to be said: birds don’t fart. They lack the gut bacteria and biology that could cause flatulence. If you’re peddling facts you should make your logo factual as well. You know, to breed confidence.

  4. The WEF feels like an offshoot or a partner of the Bilderberg group who met in the early 50s and had their eye on global domination and the manipulation of the masses through technology. They were huge proponents of the UPC (Universal Product Code) that you see on every product sold. They understood what kind of data could be mined with its use.

  5. Under emergency powers, the abhorrent actions of Trudeau are no different than those given an American President. What is most alarming is Canada’s Parliament did not stop him. Such power is only to be granted under an extreme emergency to the nation state. In the US, emergency powers give the President and Governors sweeping powers that go far beyond those used during Covid-19. Although necessary, “emergency powers” can conceivably be used as a means of overturning a Democracy.
    All that is needed is a compliant Congress and a misinformed public.

  6. It's funny how some people denounce conspiracy theorists and call for people in Russia to assassinate Putin, which obviously would be a conspiracy. Summarizing, those people say conspiracies don't exist, but call for one to be started? How does that work?

  7. Klaus Schwab isn't getting any younger…he wants to see the fruits of his nearly lifelong vision.
    Stop electing politicians that are in any way connected with the WEF is how we start to fight back.

  8. Wow you are really getting under media and YouTube’s skin cause they put a context link on ur video for The Great Reset. Funny how they try to make it seem like it is something it isn’t when stuff said came from the mouth of those who were there and there’s video of it.

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