The Great Resistance Against Trans Women

The Great Resistance Against Trans Women

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  1. Let's face it, any attempt to get a transgender division in any sport is doomed to failure. No one will watch it and it will financially collapse . Of course there will be demands that they be subsidized by mens sports (just like the women).

  2. Seeing as the glee club activists are starting to change definitions and throw out every buzzword they can think of, I'd like to hop on their bandwagon and replace the 'Trans' prefix with 'Counterfeit' it's far more accurate. As nothing short of a full-body transplant will give you all the actual biological attributes of the opposite sex, it really doesn't matter what you have cut off or sewn on! DNA and reality rules.

  3. Women break into men's spaces – Get to be proud, brave women and everyone supports them.
    Men break into women's spaces – Has to pretend to be a woman.

    Sorry but women had no issue breaking into men's spaces, spiking the football and taking slots from men. Women pushed this then used gays and trans to lesson teach and humiliate straight men. Even now women carry signs saying "Women have p*nises".

    Women dug their grave, they can fill it.

  4. "There isn't enough research…" The reason for that might be that we don't need research – Not everything does. Some things are simply obvious. The greatest mistake we're making as a society is accepting the spurious notion that science is the answer to every question. Activists therefore always claim that "science" supports their contentions (whether it actually does or not). Thing is, science has no application to abstract/moral/philosophical questions – Science does not even recognise the existence of morality or philosophy and can have no bearing on such abstract concepts as "fairness"…

  5. It seems silly that anyone in sport should appeal to ‘fairness’ as a concept. The whole point is that sport brings out the best. The only ‘fairness’ should be that everyone is biologically equal. We’ve banned drugs which help grow muscle and which help performance, so wh not ban those whose intrinsic biology gives them greater muscle mass and hormonal advantage. Hormone blockers for a while before competing cannot reverse years of biological advantage which men have over women.

  6. I cannot explain the reason for the existence of women's professional sports. But THE REALITY of women's youth sports is to win SCHOLARSHIPS for college and possibly evolution into the Olympics. THESE are the opportunities that are being STOLEN from REAL WOMEN!

  7. Peter Stanton identifies as NB which is why he decided to withdraw support for women's cycling because it did not include men who have feminine feels and want to win at any cost. Thankfully, three years of funding has been donated from the huge number of women individually (me included) and through women's organisations so the women's cycle event is safe for WOMEN for at least another three years.

  8. They are liars and their movement is also a lie. I have tangled with them twice in 5 years and it was like fighting men not women both times, despite their claims to the contrary. They are extremely aggressive and arrogant and making exceptions for them is a massive mistake. I expect it will take a politician getting physically attacked by them before anything is done. Right now they have special protection under our law and by our media and that is total bs. They are men pretending to be women, nothing more and they aren't even very good at that.

  9. There should only be TWO categories in sport. One for biological females ONLY…and the other, which at present is for male athletes, should be an OPEN category! This would solve the issue in the fairest way possible.

  10. If we were to accept transgenderism, there cannot be sexual divisions in sports. The division is based on the premise that sex cannot change, therefore the two sexes are different types of people. And since one sex is inherently weaker, it would be unfair to let those sexes compete. But we allow weaker men to compete with stronger men, because we think they are not of different types. Now, if sex is something fluid that can be changed anytime by one's feeling, that means people of different sexes are not inherently different types people, why should we have divisions? Strength cannot be the reason, because we allow men of different strengths compete.

  11. I have absolutely no problem with biological men invading women's sport. When they let girls in Boy Scouts, I was over it. If males can't have their male-only spaces/clubs, neither should females have. Remember, they wanted this. They can have it. Laugh at them, don't defend them.

  12. Trans people need the Trans Olympics – or, due to their Dysphoria they could be a unique and well loved category in the Special Olympics ! I am sure they would like that. Funny how all the people agitating for these trans 'rights' are rarely trans themselves.

  13. avg male T for my age range for men is 547. For women its 15-70. Mine is 30. Yes 30. And I would NOT qualify to be in women's sports because I am a man. So the whole T argument is nonsense. I definitely can out lift most average women.

  14. There's no such thing as a woman stuck in a man's body. Your hardware is what it is. No amount of body modifications will change that. Hormones alone do not make a woman.

  15. Females need to grow a pair and start standing up for the integrity of their sports. The absurdity of the Leah Thomas situation makes the issue obvious to even the most dense among us. But an even more egregious situation occurred at the last Olympics when Laurel Hubbard, a 43 yr old trans weightlifter, was chosen to represent New Zealand at the games, taking the place of a 23 yr old Māori athlete…effectively STEALING her dream of becoming an Olympian! Hubbard wasn’t even close to being chosen for the male weightlifting team as a 23 yr old..yet as 43 yr old trans female, had no moral or ethical qualms about stealing a young Māori girl’s Olympic dream. Pure insanity and deeply unfair and misogynistic.

  16. Dear Lotus Eaters: Please do a history of able-bodied sports celebrities who infiltrated Special / Disabled sports teams. This has happened a lot over the past 40 years, they are highly scandalous, and it's hyper parallel to the trans-sports issues.

  17. 0:20 Women's tennis has always been quite popular. When I was growing up there was Stefi Graf in the '80s. And then there was Ana Kornakova in the '90s. I couldn't name any female players from any other sport. Oh, athletics I guess. There was Sally Gunnel. And there was Dame Kelly Holmes.

  18. Bridges membership to the cycling body says they are male and once it runs out their new membership can be put as female then they can compete. Also Bridges had competed in the men's race the month before and still came 3 rd with a time that showed a large difference between them and the current women's champion , showing that our reigning champion would be only ever come second and bridges having finished and having to wait until the second and third place arrive . What is fair about thiS

  19. Dear The Boris,

    Yes, it's a complicated issue. Because all of the people involved are different and hold different subjective truths/desires/whatevers that are necessarily contradictory. I know you're in government so your livelihood depends on thinking everything is government's problem. But it's not. No matter how much you stew about it, no matter how much you ponder it, you will never craft perfect legislation that addresses it. You couldn't craft perfect legislation that addresses government maintenance of government owned bridges between government facilities. You can't do this. You aren't meant to do this.

    You aren't meant to pick winners. A UK with Boris picked winners would have only one flavour of ice cream. And it would be the wrong one.

    This is a question of normal human liberty. Fortunately that's easy. "Am I telling people what to do? Yes. That's not liberty." Freedom is pretty straight forward. Unfortunately for you, it involves no pondering or evolving that you can get paid for. What to do?

    I would suggest that you evolve to being a person who helps to ensure the liberty of normal humans and recognizes the idiot hubris of thinking he can make everything perfect.

    Pea Zout,


  20. When the left says "there isn't enough science in this area" it means their isn't enough biased sudo science that supports their position…yet. But their working on it…so ignore all the other "science" to the contrary until they get their people on it.

  21. Adjusting policies to ensure the re-election (confirmation of correct representation*) is a failure of democracy? How do you figure?

    * Wait, if the people are electing a king, then it's a kingacy, not a democracy. Terms really need to be straightened out.

  22. I'm a transsexual woman with a physical disability. I never had a chance to compete in the first place, so frankly I don't have any sympathy for trans athletes. Just be happy your body works relatively normally.

  23. I don't understand EXACTLY why "trans-men' don't want to complete with other men since there is no difference between the two. Are they admitting that men are better at sports?

  24. We need sports organizations for the unmotivated. I can’t stand sports but could have done with some full ride sports scholarship or a lucrative career in the professional unmotivated leagues.

  25. Men have superstructure that gives them an advantage and no amount of hormones is going to change that structure. We have thin hips and broad shoulders. This makes us top heavy and raises our center of gravity. Women, for the purpose of child bearing, have wide hips and lower center of gravity. Now that can be advantageous in some situations, but in most areas of sports having tat high center of gravity upper body strength is what the sport is all about.

    Nearly all of contemporary sports have been around for millenniums. Not for pleasure, but as tool to train young men for combat. That's why men dominate in most commonly held sports, because they were made deliberate for us. To take the physical and mental attributes necessary for war and for hunting and push them to their limit.

    You can't hormone-therapy away bone structure. You can cut of a guys penis and throw some milkers on him, but he's still going to be top heavy with a high center of gravity and will excel at sports over women that are explicitly designed to take advantage of being top heavy with a high center of gravity.

  26. Every time this is brought up I ask.

    What’s more misogynistic fighting for women’s right to compete in fair competition, or allowing them to be dominated by biological men who’ve surgically made themselves to look like women.

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