The Great Washington Witch Hunt

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  1. i just cant see how this can work within the Constitution , all Americans have the right to free thought and Association Nazi/Communist. just cant be done

  2. People who live in those "defund the police" areas typically want MORE policing, not less. Normal people recognize that if they can't defend themselves they need police to keep areas safe.

    The problem is twofold: Police (incl. admin and execs) are seldom held accountable, and the average person expects WAY too much of them. Especially in those cities, many people don't want to take responsibility for their own safety so they demand all sorts of laws for the cops to enforce. Then when cops get abusive or corrupt, they're typically shielded by the law so they can enforce all the myriad laws people wanted.

    The solution: Personal responsibility. And in this case that includes bearing arms.

  3. Make no mistake fellas, all of these efforts by the American demoncrats to purge police forces, national guard squads, and ALL the nations armed forces of ALL personnel whose political ideations are even slightly to the right of Carl Marx are for one reason and one reason alone… that when the American government turns these institutions against this nation's population….there will be no decent within the ranks!!! We already know what they want to do!!

  4. What is so weird is that they in the United States are only talking about white nationalism as if it has a skin color I mean it’s so weird what about black nationalists or brown or yellow or whatever or why I mean people don’t generally vote for nationalists at the world so just let it be as long as they stay inside the comfort of the law

  5. Anyone else get the feeling that this is all just so moronic and stupid that it has to be on purpose?? Like, there's no way any rational person of sound mind could look at these policies and think that it won't lead to the crippling of American society

  6. To be clear, neonazism in law enforcement is a non-issue.
    I've only met 1 supremacist in my life and they weren't law enforcement.
    Ignoring the latest definition of racist is determined by skin color and sympathy towards a certain race

  7. Just FYI, federal law enforcement officers are not police. Federal law enforcement officers, or "feds" as they're commonly referred to, are mostly corrupt deep state operatives doing the bidding of the Democrat party. This is an attempt to weed out the few who are legitimate law enforcement officials.

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