The Greens laugh at jab injuries & shut down debate about jab mandates – Senate Speech 1.12.22

Yesterday Malcolm Roberts moved an amendment to the IR Bill that would have prevented people being discriminated against on the basis of their Covid-19 vaccine status.

I spoke to the amendment and as you can tell I was pretty fired up because I knew we didn’t have the numbers.

This amendment would have allowed unvaxxed people in the private sector to go back to work.

What was despicable however was that while I was speaking I was being heckled by Green Senators Larissa Waters and Sarah Hanson Young.
To mock people who have been injured by the vaccine is the lowest of the low and tells you everything you need to know about the greens party.
In fact after I spoke Hanson Young moved a motion to shut down the debate on the amendment which got up.

The next time a change to the IR act is introduced by Labor I will move the amendment again.

Special thanks to Malcolm and those who voted for the bill.


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  1. Well done. Thank you for providing some real world input into this madness. Labor and Greens will always side with the most authoritarian option, regardless of the harm to individuals. They are protecting the mandates because the know the WHO Immunization Agenda 2030 is in the pipeline and all the totalitarian controls will be snapped back into place.

  2. The Greens would have no experience of hearing first hand accounts of vaccine injury and job losses. People understand that there is no humanity or empathy to be found among those hardcore ideologues.

  3. Love your work Gerard.
    We are ruled, not represented.
    I think it is far more likely that this will all be swept under the carpet than actually dealt with.
    I'm bitter towards the government and want some kind of justice but know that it will probably never happen.
    I live in Melbourne and am unvaccinated and have just watched the scared little children in this state vote Dan Andrews back in. That's how broken Victorian political culture is. People have no appreciation of independence, personal responsibility and keep a government small and insignificant in our lives.
    Most people want the government to tuck them in every night and read them a bed time story. They don't care about how much the government steals off them through tax – they just want to be ruled.

  4. if only NZ had such a lion of a man who still wears pants and speak the language of TRUTH!
    NZ has a lot of injured
    as well ! Their policies was the same as Australia .
    But now there is this silence and they think it is all forgotten IT IS NOT!
    We will see..

  5. Greens…
    How about they do a go fund me for a v@€€ine injury services league?
    Those people were sacrificed for the greater good, you'd think people who "are protecting the vunerable" and "saving lives" would be proud of those they sacrificed.
    They sacrificed lives, they sacrificed families who now have to care for those disabled for life, they sacrificed kids, they sacrificed the elderly.
    All to win the war.

    Acknowledge it, honour it, respect life.


  6. you are the hero for telling the truth and exposing the corruption. The day will come when the Labour and Green Party are but to eternal shame just like the Nazi Party did

  7. Someone here, on behalf of many concerned Australians, asking some tough, relevant questions about our Covid response policies. And in classic fashion, gets shut down! Don’t stop pushing for answers Rennick, this system we’re all locked into needs urgent review 👍

  8. Keep shouting from your position in parliment….the prognosis is clear…but those who have other intentions will never agree..shame on them..thankyou for your efforts..never give up..

  9. Thank you Senator , this what you have said explains the rage in peoples hearts. Righteous anger is our divine power , God bless you and everyone . As for the greens, they are a putrid stench of decaying filth that mutates and believes and agrees to anything to GAIN POWER . Dont get me wrong I am an alternative type life styler with decades of learning experiences, I love the TRUTH and is all that is worth pursuing . Truth gives us the POWER to see through the ENDLESS lies that besiege us everyday, every moment without a seemingly end. Well from my studies there is going to be an end and all those that are guilty will pay with a very heavy price to this huge crime. Their day is over, they are finished, the people have and will win.I keep this at the forefront of my mind 24/7.If you want to know why then is ………………..BECAUSE LOSING IS NOT AN OPTOIION. Prayers, love ect..

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