The grift is over for lockdown nerds

No, don’t say that!

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  1. You know what's sad? My best friend [Germany] of 52 years who I [in UK] grew up with, held out this long to get a jab, didn't want it, feared it. Now recently she was threatened to lose her job of over 30 years if she didn't have it. So she did, against her will. She is a creature of comfort and doesn't like change. Now she's compromised her immune system and only a short time to go before it all gets scrapped. She should have held on, but she was so distraught about everything and how she was treated as a pure b l ood, I guess the pressure got to her. I am so upset about this. 😢

  2. Yes please be over – the fearmongering, gaslighting, hype, hysteria, hoarding human behaviour of toilet roll, Karen 19's habbagging you for not mask wearing!. I tell you what, I learned more about psychology than ever before when this happened last year. In retrospect I hope it's remembered for what it is yours truly. An Orwellian style scientific/ gov fraud with rich picking for social engineers and the pharm industrial Complex. So definitely not disingenuous that it's been revealed a fraction of people sadly died-17000? What's that typical of, a mild flu season?

  3. Covid was a "Proof of Concept" run. They now know that the sheeple will accept almost anything if they are fed enough fear. When the next pandemic "appears" they will go hard and fast to lockdowns and restrictions.

  4. Didnt miss New Zealand call her wedding off coz covid ???? ,,,,
    If was the groom id be thinking,,,,,, YOU BEAUTY !!! Yeah lets set another Date,,,,some time in the future ,,,,,,,see ya!!!

  5. Since they've been talking about another pandemic before this one is over (Gates, for example), I'm going to go out on a limb and say this will happen again if something isn't done to prevent it. I think most of us who use our brains know this virus was manmade.

  6. The US is falling apart. I only hope this disease won't spread through Europe, even though it started. Fortunately we Eastern Europeans are immune to this new-age BS.
    Greetings from Croatia

  7. It's far from over. This scene is over but the story board is far larger than this. WWIII fear porn currently distracts the masses. Cue the climate fear porn. Brace yourselves for economic collapse (this one is real…sort of). Don't forget the "aliens". And there's more. They'll never run out of excuses to enslave mankind.

  8. Neurmberg II – including all doctors who refused to treat covid patients from day one after being diagnosed; AND including those who—after sufficient time to research the charade—continued to vaccinate patients without formal consent in writing that this was experimental and not [FDA] approved.

    All those convicted ought to be flown to Peru, Ecuador, Columbia and Brazil where they'd be interned in retreats for, at least, one year; then forced to engage in 3 ayahuasca ceremonies a week + counseling + detoxification. If the elite guy [Gerald Powell] in this video below can make a 180° change, anyone can.

  9. Great video again Paul. but i couldn't help notice the left side of your face. and hair would have made a perfect puzzle match to the. west coast of Africa on your map.

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