The Grooming Gangs Never Stopped

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  1. Late 90s to early 00's, police were hesitant to further the investigations into grooming gangs in fear that it would appear as racist. Little girls. Someone's daughters. Taken because political correctness.

  2. But according to Chris D'Elia and Bryan Callen this is all Cancel Culture, they're getting canceled for their super edgy and ground breaking jokes, not straight up rape.

  3. this is literally written in their book on how to take over a country.. get in, surprise snuggle the women and end the men. just go and look up "The Islamic Doctrine of Migration" by Social Contract.

  4. It is patently obvious that the Home Office deliberately omits ethnicity from it,s published crime reports and has done for decades. Just read any edition of the British Crime Survey.

    The modus operandi of these gangs is a giveaway: “Here’s a kebab and a can of Stella, get ’em down!”

    These despicable toe rags are the most racist criminals of the lot, witness their targets’ ethnicity.

  5. To show if this is racially motivated or not just look at the ethnic make up of the victims. I think you would see only western names.

  6. Funny American police are accused of basically doing too much and U.K. police are the complete opposite i.e. pointless. U.S. and U.k> are just fun house mirrors of each other at this point

  7. Why they are calling them "Asians"? That suggests that Chinese, Vietnamese or Koreans are also involved, which is not true. Point a finger on who these people trully are!

  8. And the ones in Rochdale that where supposed to be deported on release from prison are still living in Rochdale three years later, one delivers food from a take away,

  9. The main problems I see with this-The home office and civil service watering down the law over the years. The human rights act, uncontrolled, unchecked mass immigration the police and social services are too weak/lazy/scared too get involved, the judiciary far too soft on sentencing and too many options to prevent offenders from going to jail or serving a full sentence. All of the fore mentioned institutions and the individuals who work in them have let us all down. In fact, many of them should be in the dock for crimes committed against the people of this country.

  10. The thing that blows my mind is the people trying to downplay this are the exact same people who keep trying to say we live in a 'rape culture'… Excuse me… Then what the hell is this?

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