The Guardian DEMANDS World War III To Stop Putin

The Guardian foreign affairs commentator Simon Tisdall recently penned an extraordinary column, insisting that Vladimir Putin won’t be satisfied until all of Europe is left in tatters, that sanctions have failed, that Biden and other western leaders have been cowardly and weak, and that Russia cannot be allowed to seize any of the Ukrainian territory gained since the invasion. His solution? NATO launching an all-out military assault, which would likely lead to World War III. Except he’s not calling for World War III, Tisdall insists, inexplicably.

Jimmy and The Grayzone’s Aaron Maté ( discuss the maniacal warmongering that’s allowed on the pages of The Guardian.

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  1. Minute 1:58 is stupit. He tryed to get to kiew in the beginning. I think you are thinking of Putin to positively. Of course the US did some shit in the Ukrain after 2014, but Putin isn´t peaceful as well. You are acting like people in the US that think that Democrats or Republicans are any solution. Neither side is good.

  2. Kind of like of people wanted Chamberlain to start WW2 in order to stop Hitler while he was weak?

    Don't let Russia grow their war economy while ours sleeps.

  3. The journalist has been talking to Adam Schiff lets have a war in Europe so we do not have to have to fight over here. This journalist wants to end the world to stop President Putin. Is it me or is that the most idiotic thing a man has thought lets end the world what a useful tool this man is. Get around the table and start talking about peace. America wanted this war not Putin they are trying to start a nuclear war in Europe but not America I am sorry American people but since Adam Schiff said what he said I stopped believing in America and I wish our leaders would to. Instead of following America to hell while Adam Schiff watches from his American bunker he is a coward and European leaders including my leaders in the UK. Adam Schiff it does not matter who dies as long as it is not you. YOU COWARD ,

  4. russia nukes are more powerful.. more numerous and accuracy is no longer an issue. it is madness, suicide to provoke a nuclear war with russia. none of this would be needed if we just got rid of the cia and oligarchs and let the world live in peace for the people of the world.. instead of the bankers and ceo executives of the world. Putin is not the bad guy.

  5. I used to like watching jimmy but ever since he added that ft bald ug"y headed with his joker laugh on this show

    now I seriously cant watch jimmy anymore and therefor unsubscribed

  6. I am so angry & saddened over the incredible & outrageous evil & criminality of the United States, the U.K., NATO & many other European countries. But more importantly the U.S. & Israel are the worst of the worst of this evil & criminality! And don't think for a moment that Israel doesn't have a hand in this horror in Ukraine except they will simply instruct & push the U.S. to do their dirty work as they ALWAYS do!

  7. I just have to think, there are people… people we never meet, rarely hear of (if ever), who have guys like Tisdall to "spread" the message… that people are going to start dying. It could be you. The reasons never really add up, and there is always an oil-pipeline involved, massive weapons sales, and the limiting of rights here at home. "Let the four horseman ride" seems to be their tune.

  8. MSM is not covering all of the many, many protest around the world. The entire world is being abused by their leaders who are all together in this dog and pony show. We still believe THEM though.

  9. 10:28 Russia, to my knowledge DID everything it could to avoid their special military operation, they asked, they pleaded, they tried to negotiate, they warned Ukraine and it's big daddy USSA but no one listened to them. The US/NATO pact is in violation of several treaties and promises (Minsk Agreement, et al) but they wanted to goad Russia into a conflict. The USSA ALWAYS wants a war because its good for business, they just love death on a massive scale and love a good toppling of another nation. "If your understanding of world events doesn’t account for the easily quantifiable fact that the U.S. is the most tyrannical regime on earth by a massive margin, nothing else in your understanding of world events will be fact-based."

  10. Judging by his insufferable purple prose, this "journalist" must be a failed writer or something! I guess he wants to set the world on fire just to feed the inspiration for his masterpiece of an epic poem titled "The Fall Of Humanity" . His artistic role model is that fat neckbeard who supposedly sang about the fall of Troy while Rome was burning! Someone should inform Simon that thar story is not true, because even Nero wasn't that crazy!

  11. Can you at least bleeep out the expletives? I want to be able to share this with my friends but I am a teacher. I also wish you could pin an introduce kind of a Jimmy Dore 101 series so we can educate people who are totally new to what has been going on with everything.

  12. I remember when THEY said that we couldn't end the war in Viet Nam because we would go into a depression. So we kept our young kids over there to die and be maimed so our economy wouldn't suffer.

  13. Nord Stream 1 is up and running at a reduced capacity. 10 days of maintenance is complete and the transit of gas resumes. Kind of funny if Russia is at war with Europe why are they sending gas to them?

  14. If you know the details of the first and second world war (which they did not teach you at school!) then you know this would be the Third World War organized and premeditated by the UK and this time from the start with the USA!! Every time for more control over the world and this time the end game for total world hegemony.

  15. Men: watch the disposability of men in this, likely now, upcoming conflagration. All because people were led with lies like sheep to the slaugher; except, that it is mostly men who will be slaughtered – fool men, fools for believing the lies, fools for not checking, fools for letting themselves be enslaved for the benefit of others. Fight, yes, to defend one's community – but fight to protect lies and liars and all who monetarily profit and all those who profit from control – this type of fighting is indeed for fools.

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