The healthcare system is a giant SCAM (that you pay for)


The US healthcare system is a financial scam, designed for profit, not care. Unlike the rest of the world, the entire medical and healthcare system in the United States is for profit. And when there’s money to be made, you can almost be sure that someone will abuse the system.

Health insurers implement secretive practices that stop people from accurately knowing what they’re being charged. Companies like TeamHealth (owned by Blackstone) have such an influence over the business of the medical industry, that chances are your doctor or nurse is employed by them. And investment firms like Vanguard and Blackrock own at least a part in almost every single major publicly-traded hospital or healthcare system in the entire nation.

And of course, as you might expect, it’s the poorest people in the nation who always suffer as a result of this. People who can’t afford insurance, and even beg people not to take them to hospital when injured, because they likely won’t be able to afford treatment.

This is an unbelievably important topic. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

0:00 – What is a a human life worth?
0:47 – Why the US healthcare system is broken
2:09 – Manipulation by health insurance companies
5:57 – Overcharging by hospitals
7:25 – Investment firms influencing health
9:03 – Why poor people suffer more
10:07 – Big business controls health messaging

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  1. This is not the whole story, it’s not just about comparing numbers. There are many moving parts to make those conclusions. Someone who is self-pay is getting discounts versus insurance, and they can apply to have a full bill discharge if they are in poverty. The hospital writes off the loss of self-pay or charity care on taxes if they are non-profit. Profitable patients make up the costs of non-profitable. Many hospitals now publish costs for procedures and diagnostics for comparison. United States treats rare diseases and performs complex procedures other countries can’t touch. Example, in UK someone diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis has a death sentence, in United States it is managed with medication and people make it to adulthood. Allowing government to run anything would guarantee to make it more expensive, less efficient, and less innovative. Healthcare costs can be high without insurance (most working people have insurance, retired have Medicare, poor have Medicaid), but we’re also no taxed up the ass like other countries.

  2. Decent video, other than some big flaws.
    Many countries with universal healthcare have extremely long wait times for critical surgeries.
    Abortion activists always phrase it as "forcing to carry to term", rather than "refused any of the many contraceptive options available, and don't want responsibility for their actions". If they didn't want to get pregnant, they should have used contraception. Abortion is NOT contraception.
    There is a ton of corruption in healthcare, but part of video is propaganda.

  3. Health insurance in the US is a scam, or at least ObamaCare is. We had Obamacare when we had both of our children. Silver plans. If you counted the premiums we paid, we spent $14,000 to have my daughter and $17,000 to have my son. Both were uncomplicated births. We’ve been blessed that we had enough in savings both times to cover those expenses. Many are not in that position. I’m pregnant with our third now and we’re using Medishare (cost sharing, not health insurance) and expect to pay around $12,000 this time with our premiums.

    ObamaCare was a complete disaster and has only lined the pockets of big pharma and caused premiums and deductibles to shoot up over time. However, my concern with restructuring our health care system altogether is wait times for seeing doctors, especially for serious illnesses. This is often the argument in the US for not moving into a universal healthcare system. I would love to hear people from other countries comment on this and whether or not this is truly an issue in their country.

  4. Sorelle, if you think that’s bad… check out the story of your fellow Aussie
    Dr Barry Marshall, medic & nobel prize winner, who killed off an entire pharma “snake oil” industry (and pissed them off) by wait finding the cause & CURING a profitable disease that was considered incurable due to chronic stress requiring expensive antacids that cost a fraction of a cent to make, but sold for hundreds to thousands of times that cost.
    If that’s not enough… how about Uni researchers that get too close to a cure for profitable chronic conditions have their funding pulled, worse, these talented scientists are offered funding to work in unrelated areas that will not damage multibillion dollar pharma annual sales by curing. Can’t have such scientists finding alternative funding and pulling a Dr Marshall, can we?
    Check out med research at Aussie University Hospitals, eg Brisbane.

  5. The whole classic medicine is kind of a scam. A lot of new inventions get laughed at and canceled so you could stay addicted to pills from big companies. A lot of diseases can be healed with simply diet changes and lifestyle changes, or treated a lot faster and safer with alternative medicine. My mom literally was on the edge of gut cancer, trying to find the reason for like 6 years and treated it in a year to a healthy gut just by dieting and eating prescribed fungi. Be careful and dont be too scared of alternative methods. Study accupressure. Listen to your body. Good luck.

  6. Sorry I live in the UK, and we pay 50% tax witch goes towards the NHS, and we can't even access our "free" health care system.
    We end up having to pay to go private anyway, it would be easier just to have a private healthcare system so we only have to pay once

  7. (I’m US American):
    My only thing is I want there to be more focus on meditation, herbal-use, and other ancient therapeutic practices. Universal healthcare may be a step but I don’t trust government to want what’s best for its citizens, let alone corporations (US government is an unchecked corporation).

    Universal healthcare isn’t where I want to be because government and big corporations are so similar. If there’s a better solution though, I’m not sure what it is. Perhaps campaign for everyone to “awaken” to their own healing capabilities and then let the demand for healthcare to die out. But it requires a great amount of transparency from Big Pharma, hospitals, and Congress’s investors.

  8. Here in the UK we have a great system The NHS But privatisation is creeping in the back door and starving it till they get all of it, But that's just my opinion.

  9. You didn't mention the ties between politicians and insurance companies. Politicians allow whatever system exists to exist, and universal healthcare only benefits a different group of politicians. Do insurance companies not exist in the rest of the world? I certainly have empathy for poor people who don't have insurance and find themselves with lots of medical bills they can't afford, but I don't see how allowing crooked politicians to decide who gets which procedures and how much they cost is better or worse than allowing the same power to insurance companies. In other words, I know it's a broken system, but I'm not convinced the "solution" is socialized medicine. Also, our politicians don't even pretend to want to cut spending anymore, and it's already breaking us. Adopting universal healthcare would only further tax us, and it would be an open ended, continuous raising of taxes that are hard to afford already. I know there are lots of people bragging about their "free" healthcare in other parts of the world, but I'm not hearing much about the quality, availability, speed at which access is needed, etc. These socialized medical systems can't be as perfect as they appear. What am I missing?

  10. A lot of this is true, but what country is leading and creating the medicines around the world? Us Americans are being cheated, covering the cost of these medicines being created here, then shipped around the world for cents on the dollar. Meanwhile Americans are being ripped off. So yes, other countries pay less for medicine, only because the US did the work in many cases.

    There’s a reason why people all over the world come to the US for cancer treatment.

  11. Yeah we're all being duped. The monetary system uses the laws of the sea against you. River banks controlling the flow of the current or currency putting you in high waters. Debt used as a tool to force you to produce by competing against your neighbor. I believe that this system has served it's purpose to get us to this point but it's time to create something everyone can benefit, and have a chance, from.

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