The Hidden Truth Behind The End Of Slavery Thomas Sowell

The Hidden Truth Behind The End Of Slavery Thomas Sowell Reaction.

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Written by Doc Rich


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  1. One of the African Kings was paid for each slave taken from his land or kingdom… So his citizens were told their king sold them! So many submitted that their king sold them..and he was paid and became richer.. not too many historians talk about the men that profited from selling their own race and countrymen into slavery ! But yes ,
    Greed! Knows no race!

  2. Of course you've never heard about it. All you hear about is when people use a small part of history to justify their own hatred for another race. The truth doesn't help them.

  3. I can't. Say how grateful I am for your mini doc. I was taught much of what you've been showing as part of British History in Scotland. My grandchildren, vilify Churchill's handling of 2nd WW and Britain as a heinous slave trading nation. It's taken a lot of time to get them to reflect. I did have an ace, my grandmother knew Churchill and followed his career. I also was Alive and taking note, we children did then after 2nd WW. I was really interested in what was going on. He was a great leader and man. A flawed man just like all of us, but intelligent and ingenious.

    When Britain pulled the Royal Navy out of the waters they were patrolling, not so long ago, 1990's I think, the pirates moved right in and we had send the navy back. Don't know what's happening now. We don't get any REAL NEWS now. Again thank you so very much for this. Means a lot and I'm going to show this to my grandchildren. By the way did you know that the oldest historical record in the world are in the Bible. RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING, slavery flourished. It's very interesting reading. God spells out how slaves are to be treated in the first books and also how long before they can be held as slaves! 7 YEARS! Then they must be released. Some people sold themselves into slavery to pay off debts. Still same release time. Interesting isn't it, especially now when there's such a rage and hurt being fostered, which helps no-one, against Britain as if the UK was the only country in the world in the slave trade.

    The opposite was true, British people at home shunned anyone associated with the slave trade..Have you checked out What happened to Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe, when UK handed over. A whole trained up service of native Rhodesians to take over and run the country. Immediate lapse back into the tribal, civil war that had been stopped, by the British, then chaos. It's heartbreaking, my husband was out there for a year in his early 20's. He loved the country and the native Rhodesians. Even asked why they tolerated having the Brits running the country. Answer – short. British Justice, honesty and tolerance.

  4. I only wish all men & women were equal but sadly there will allways be rich and poor ,we all have our histories but we should feel proud of how far we have came ..and find compassion in all nations.lets use u tube as a tool for good and truthfully information instead of fake and dangerous information

  5. I believe it was 2019 when Britain finally done paying off the debt they racked up during their fight to end slavery around the world because they agreed to pay some of the countries hugh amounts of money so they would release their slaves.
    I don't remember off hand what the country was that Britain had agreed to pay an astronomical amount of money much more than they had paid anyone else.

  6. Slavery has been around since the dawn of time. And one peoples slavery isnt worse than any other group. In reality….everyones ancestors has been in slavery at one time or another. Being from Irish descent….Vikings were notorious for invading, looting, and enslaving victims from their conquest. It just is! It's HISTORY…..cant change it! Do I need or want money from the Norwegians for what their ancestors did to my ancestors? No!!! Can you imagine the money exchange around the world by the time everyone pays what their ancestors did to another people group? Ridiculous! Everyone…everywhere….is a product of their times. I cant even imagine what our future generations will think of us. Take HISTORY…learn from it, appreciate what ALL of our forebearers survived and achieved. We are all a work in progress. Thats human evolution. It makes me sick for anyone to try and erase history by removing any reminders of it…i.e….statues, historical names on buildings, etc. Do you really think you have achieved a victory? As if you are superior enough to be judge and jury! If I were to go around and burn down anything that would remind me of a Viking, many would say lock them up, or how dare they? That's History! YES! We would all be the losers and lesser for it! Compare Europe today and America…..why do you think people enjoy going to Europe? It's beautiful and RICH in history with its historical buildings, cathedrals and castles. America is destroying their history. Slavery is a terrible thing that humans do to other humans. As we truly Awaken, Human Evolution wont support it. And this 'WOKE' agenda….all it does is weaponize ones ideals over another and further supports victimhood! Are you a victim, a survivor, or an overcomer of your ancestory?

  7. Perhaps if today’s Generation of Americans were educated on the vastness of Slavery and that it was not just an African and American disgrace. They would stop blaming all white men, for the sins of men from every race the past.
    And understand that government’s and military spent years, vast sums of money and resources to stop the slave trade.
    And most importantly thousands and thousands of men fought and died to save those enslaved.
    They are true Hero’s.

    Vilifying a whole race serves no one…except those who benefit from continued racial tension.

  8. The Islamic world started and ran the slave trade for centuries and in many places it still practices slavery to this day. Furthermore, they enslaved white non-Muslim people as much as they enslaved black non-Muslim people.

    Moreover, the blacks sold as slaves to the West, were the lucky one. As the Black males sent to the Islamic world all had their genitals hacked off and in which cause to vast majority of them to either bleed to death or otherwise die a horrible death via severe infection even before they ever reached the slave markets.

  9. And there you have it…the evil white colonials forced the angelic love filled darker skinned races to stop slavery.
    All men are equally horrific when greed controls them. The racist left knows this, and pays the greedy of all races to war against there own peoples.

  10. Growing up, we got some, but not these details. We knew that slaves in America came from Africa and were POWs between tribes there. And that the conditions on the ships were very bad. Pretty much as far as my teachers went., Or at least, as much as I remember from school years.

  11. Not only was most sailors off the time off Tall Ships not thought to swim, as dead in the sea easier. My grandfather was a Captain on time off Tall Ships. What interesting., That white men was willing to fight for their brown Brothers. Sad, as it may seem , some brown Brothers too was involved in slave trade. Recall in the Bible, Joseph was sold by his brothers to Egypt. White people, poor over decade was also working , sold as slaves. Since, Antiquity. Judas sold Jesus to the Romans. Human nature is both dark and light. And, that's why , yes we can absolve diverse anger, permiated by groups who want to create Chaos, in order to enslave Humanity. Good History to keep memory Green. We don't need Woke, to hide under. But, only the Truth will give us Light.😍🙏🇺🇸🇩🇰🌷🇬🇧

  12. Slavery still exists today. And some Muslim countries they still own Black people as property and that particular ideology and a few others feel that slavery is normal and that they are sort of an elitist class that has the right to own slaves. Right now it’s estimated that somewhere between 27, million and 40 million Black people are owned slaves by Muslims. In the Ukraine there are child slaves and human trafficking slaves, it’s not all about sex slavery and they still facilitate black slave trades. It hasn’t ended yet. America ended it quickly at great sacrifice and only about 2% of Americans ever own slaves or profit from it in the first place, hundreds of thousands died in the Civil War, and it wasn’t exclusively about slavery but it was definitely a primary issue that brought it to a point of war. If Britain wanted to pay reparations then they should pay it world to American slave descendants as well, most of the slaves came here during British occupation before America was a country.

    Personally I don’t agree with the modern narrative of reparations. If people can prove who the slave owners were and who profited from it and want to go after them in civil court or even criminal court over it I would support that but to make the rest of America is already sacrificed in large part in slavery now give up a ton of their money is a joke. It’s also a political narrative. It’s Democrats buying votes from people who think that that might really happen.

    Tell interpret this video when they say Arabs, they mean Muslims, but that time Arab countries had been taken over by the ottoman empire which was Muhammad and Islam, they still own millions of people as slaves. This film is being very politically correct as is most modern history where they use words like Barbary pirates the Hun the Ottomans the Turks or Arab when in fact the driving force behind those was Islam they were all Muslims doing what they did in the name of Islam but we’re not supposed to talk about that because it’s not politically correct but those are the facts.

    Slavery is wrong but people look at America incorrectly, the truth was the American people as a whole were against slavery to the point where we actually had a Civil War over it and hundreds of thousands died in a war whose primary cause was slavery. Modern politicians and activists abused the horror is a slavery and racism and turned it into a political tool in a weapon and that’s how most people see it these days. They blame America or white people for slavery. The truth is slavery existed in America before we got here the American Indians have a system of slavery and Africa had already been selling black slaves to Latin countries and they already existed before the Europeans ever got here. All over the world white people worse slaves, in fact the Slavic people that slavery was named for were light skinned. Most of the enslavers from Africa were black Africans or Muslims from North Africa and in the end it was America and Britain in Europe that started the movement of ending slavery globally. It’s not over yet there still are slaves but it’s not a worldwide phenomenon anymore and slave culture is dead throughout the world except in parts ruled by Islam. Activists warp history to create false narrative to control people to either put money in their pocket or to get elected. People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are supposed to be civil rights activist but the truth is they’re putting money in their pocket and race baiting and helping politicals turn the issue of race and slavery into a political tool on a weapon and using people. I’ll Sharpton and Jesse Jackson haven’t really helped anybody but they’re both extremely rich, so much so the Al Sharpton still owes $4 million in taxes meaning you made close to $10 million, and he hasn’t done much to help anybody but himself and Democrat politicians who do nothing for anybody. Knowledge is power but we have to remember there a lot of people out there pushing false narratives on both sides of a subject people need to be a little more critical of how they learn and process information. Watching a movie from Hollywood claiming it’s historically accurate is a joke listening to political activists is a joke studying verifiable fact based history and examining it critically how you find the truth. Even most of our history books, most of which have been drastically changed over the last 30 years are still just revisionist history. When it comes to World War II we were all heroes and did nothing wrong and save the world. That’s not accurate they were large American corporations supporting the Nazi party, Ford motor company made engines for panzer tanks and military equipment, the Rockefellers owned half of the railroad system in Germany that was used to transport and hold the millions of people that Hitler killed in those concentration camps. The royal family and Britain were supplying oil and steel to Nazi Germany as they were dropping the bombs they made out of the steel and flew over there with that fuel to drop on London., Finding the truth is hard you can’t just listen to somebody saying something you like and take that as gospel or you’re probably believing a false narrative by somebody with a motive or by somebody who believed that false narrative. What do you find with people who study and know the truth and true history is a complete lack of racism and prejudices define people who are intelligent and understanding of how the world works and they are generally united and don’t care what color somebody is or what sex they are or where they came from because the racism and sexism and bigotry exists it is politics and activism motivated by money and power it take these things and throw gasoline on these fires to use them to control people. As far as reparations go people just make the federal government pay reparations to anybody that money comes from all taxpayers and 98% of those taxpayers never had anything to do or profited from slavery in any way but majority of those taxpayers are the descendants of people who fought and died and made great sacrifices to end slavery which is a huge part of what America is, a free nation where everybody is treated equally under the law and government. It doesn’t guarantee equity in success but our system of laws treat everybody the same people all have the same opportunity in areas where it’s controlled by the government, the rest is social and up to us. There of been black presidents and billionaires millionaires stars celebrities, which is proof that America is free. I understand that a lot of people want more whether it be reparations or people who believe in Socialism and communism and re-distributed wealth and equity but true reparations are restitutions made on damages done to one party by another. That’s only moral if you take that restitution from the people who caused the damage. Making the American taxpayers pay reparations for something 98% of them did not do is not moral for something that 98% of them did not profit from is not moral or just. If they go after the companies and families that had and profited from slavery then have Addit get a huge class action lawsuit and sue the crap out of them but when you have families that never profited from slavery or some members died and sacrificed to end slavery, those people don’t owe anybody anything they’ve already made sacrifices just to be good human beings and do what is right and it’s wrong to take from them. And especially in the area politics who’s using these issues people need to get their heads on straight, the Democrats were the KKK and none of them ever changed to be Republicans there was no switch or change, not a single white hooded killer ever became Republican Republicans wouldn’t have them in the two or three times when a republican was found to be a white supremacists they were ejected from the party and review by the Republicans,

  13. They don't even teach the truth about the slave trade in school now. They are telling student that we went to Africa and captured the slaves. The truth is the Africans were enslaving other tribes, then selling them to the slave traders.

  14. The British empire has been the most evil empire in the history of the world, but these actions where remarkable. Maybe the just thought that if they can profit from if nobody should. They are not really a humanitarian empire.

  15. The Cherokee Nation still held African slaves a little over a year after the 13th Amendment was ratified.Funny no one wants to talk about the heavy hand the American Indian tribes had in buying,selling and owning African slaves.You can read about some of it in the 2017 SCOTUS ruling of Cherokee Nation v Nash.

  16. true courage was the brother against brother war between the states to end slavery. True Constitutional Americans fighting their own brothers and countrymen so these modern woke blacks could get reparation money……despicable. People who never owned slaves giving money to people who were never slaves.Ya want victim money, go talk to barry Soetoro (a.k.a. Barrack Obama) as his great, great grandfather was a slave owner!!!

  17. I think the thing to take out of all this is, both the east and west enslaved Africans, A cruel act that should never happen again. However, the west made far greater efforts to abolish it. It was the West that forcefully abolished it for the Middle East!

  18. you were never taught the truth about MOST of the stuff in schools, so thank your local teachers, the teachers union, your congressmen, and the liberal, communist government YOU chose to vote for……stinkin' lousy lying democrats.

  19. It is amazing to me that this stuff is rarely ever talked about. Britian and the us with some assistance from other European nations both major and minor are the only reason the world is as stable as it is today and the reason the poor today are so much richer than they ever were before. If it weren't for the western nations of the last 200yrs world wide slavery would STILL be the more common status and the classism of the monarchy and Nobel style of nation ruling would still be the way of the world.

    The old saying "all it takes for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing" still holds true. Thanks to the western nations ancestors for standing firm in the face of such evil the world over.

    Failure is non permanent, all is not lost.

  20. There is almost infinite history,wars, enslavement… they can’t teach everything .
    America’s slavery is what should be mostly taught in America because that is the foundation of what was to follow.
    I would hope that a few minutes are spent explaining blacks enslaved blacks and others , Arabs same , Asians same …

  21. Being black does not identify you as a descendant of slaves, no more, than does being German make me a descendant of Hitler.. pathetic. Get on with your lives

  22. Is it wierd or ironic that this copulation of history to end slavery was lead by white men and yet today are continually targeted above and beyond for being racist when honesty becomes too much, I don't see Egyptians, Spanish or Middle Eastern countries who have historically embodied slavery ever be tagged with racism as much as the white man even though it could be still embodied and enacted today which in itself would suggest that those that Don't understand the true history of slavery could be encouraging it by presuming that white men have privileged the most over such illegal and inhumane trade's.


  24. This guy doesn’t seem to get the point that Thomas Sowell is making which is that it was the white British that stamped out the slave trade whilst black people and Arabs continued to engage in slave trading. Always with the victim mentality. Does he ever think to look into the black slave traders that sold fellow blacks into slavery?

  25. The dhow is still the primary small merchant and fishing vessel in the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, and between the Horn of Africa and the Somali coast. The photo is of a modern dhow, with sail and motor, built in traditional style, likely on the Arabian peninsula.

  26. England is rarely given credit for proactively and aggressively and at great economic cost, shutting down the slave trade LONG before other countries…we only seem to hear about "colonialism", which ALL powerful countries and cultures partook in throughout the course of time.

  27. The Amistad threw slaves overboard that were chained together. The reason – they didn't have enough food. Most of the slaver ships from the US were from the northern states. The South had laws against abusing slaves. If you think about it, how much sense does it make to whip a slave until his back is shredded? He can't work. You have to feed and take care of him until he recovers. He may never regain his full function. If the slave owner had any conscience, imagine the shame, regret, and remorse he would feel every time he saw the slave or thought about him. Many of the slave owners were Christian. Most of them treated their slaves well. Some masters only had a set time or certain amount of work. After the time or the tasks were complete, the slave's time was his own. Many slaves started a business on the side and became wealthy themselves. There are stories of the master borrowing money from their slave. That is something else you don't learn in school. Many of the stories of the abuse of the slaves was made up by the abolitionists. Was there abuse? Yes. I am not trying to defend slavery. I find the idea of owning someone reprehensible. I don't care if the reason is because of a person's race, or nationality (like the Irish), their religion, or their gender (as in human trafficking), slavery is wrong. So is lying about slavery to further an agenda. Thank you Doc for the video. It was very good. Like your channel. Just subscribed.

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