The Hill’s Rising SUSPENDED From YouTube For A Week

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Written by Kim Iversen


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  1. Every elite of the elite is a part of WEF. FB, MS, Amazon, and YT. Anything pared against them or is simply unfavorable gets the censor axe with a warning shot (week's suspension) to "encourage" playing by their rules under the smokescreen of misinformation, aka crushing differing opinions.

  2. Debating the fact whether or not the Earth is flat around as pointless because the Earth is both flat and round at the exact same time in the second dimension there is nothing but flatness because there is no depth in the third dimension there is depth everything is round… Earth is flat and round at the exact same time no reason to argue put it to bed….

  3. This is the censorship era! This should worry everyone! This is happening all over the world. The more we comply the more they will do. It's so obvious an agenda is at hand

  4. FLA Maquis tipped me off on this. Glad to hear you expanding on it. It is outrageous what they are doing. Syndicated shows are not scrutinized like other channels. Maybe Rumble as a backup might be a good idea.

  5. Almost all social media policies are based on one set of ideals, the left. All media companies are run by 6 global companies and or people. They are all left based. Even ones that seem to be right are on a tight leash and are used to make money or controlled opposition.
    Media has done nothing but create a great divide in the west.

    If you actually listen to real people, on the ground, most everyone has more in common that not. The media has created two polar opposite narratives. They have designed trigger words for people on both sides.

    For example, you could be having a conversation with someone and agreeing or even learning from each other, but as soon as someone says a certain word that the left or right has used to describe a certain type of “immoral” person. Conversation over.

    Best thing we could all do is to turn off the news and talk to each other. (Except for Kim Iversen a few times a week 😉)

    I studied in psychology. One of my favourite subjects was mass formation. It’s so prevalent in media, movies, advertising etc. It’s astonishing and an example of how it works with the left turning it (mass formation)into a trigger word.

  6. They NEVER BANNED Hillary when she was CLAIMING the Russian HELPED STEAL the election, which we NOW KNOW was a LIE thanks to the Durham report. The media kept SPREADING MIS-INFORMATION about Trump and the Russians, Utube NEVER said anything!

  7. Hey, wait a minute…kitten porn…you're RIGHT! Kitten videos must be banned NOW! We should at least get their permission in paw-prints. YouTube are anti-cat terrorists!!!

  8. This stuff about glitches, also would have made it a violation to talk about the early primaries that hurt Bernie Sanders, and allow Buttigieg to claim victory?

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