The Housing Crisis is the Everything Crisis

Dude, where’s my affordable housing?

0:00 Introduction
2:28 The Problem
5:06 Solving Poverty
7:34 Solving Homelessness
8:27 Helping the Environment
11:06 Improving Public Health
15:07 Improving the Economy
16:59 Helping Families
19:43 !!!Lightning Round!!!
20:49 Global Security
22:34 The Second-Worst Supreme Court Decision
25:30 The Worst Act of Parliament
27:00 NIMBY
28:46 Debunking Myths
37:22 The Worst State in America
41:29 Conclusion



Written by BritMonkey


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  1. I'm not disagreeing that building more affordable housing is a key factor to solving many of the current issues, but doing so right now without any more reglementations will just make it so that 50% of them are going to get bought up as investments and stay empty while not decreasing demand at all. It's a reality I have been witnessing for years now. As long as something isn't put into place to prevent real estate to be the safest and among the most profitable investments you can make in today's market, nothing will change, maybe just marginally slow down.

  2. I used to work from home doing youtube and freelance writing, but I still needed my mom to give me money basically every week & to go work in my dads small business a few days a month for money he could barely afford to give me. But then in early 2020 my dad's small OTC pharmaceutical manufacturing business got super lucky, as one of the 5 products we manufactured regularly was isopropyl alcohol from acetone and hand sanitizer. I went and sold for my dad and made 6 figures within a few months, selling FDA approved hand sanitizer. All the money barely covered all the debt my dad had, but I put my money into the market and suddenly jumped up from making under $2000 a month to over $20,000 a month.

    The switch was genuinely life altering. I rented an apartment the same day I saw it like it was nothing with cash that was in my pocket, I had been stuck in an abusive relationship where my girlfriend had cheated and often hit me for years, though the abuse and cheating didn't start til the last 18 months or so. I had fallen in love with someone new about 5 months before I made the money, and she couldn't afford to move out of her parents house either. I bought a car for the first time in 6 years, when I had just ubered everywhere as I lived close to the city center of Miami where it was cheaper to uber than own a car, if only by a few hundred dollars, but I also worked at home mostly so barely had to go anywhere.

    I bought a house and a car and tons of smaller things and by August 2021 because of no experience having money, no education for poor black/Hispanic people like myself on finance, I was about to be broke again, suddenly was missing payments on things, opening credit cards.

    I had to get a job. I was lucky to have high end restaurant experience, and started working in a restaurant within Disneyworld where I made daily cash tips which only half of were reported for taxes. It's a 6 figure job, but I work 5-6 doubles per week, and I drive 30-60 minutes each way, so my entire life has become work.

    And my god is it miserable. My girlfriend and I have considered selling our house to move closer, but the rental cost is over $2,000 a month, that's about a third to a fourth of my monthly income from working 45-55 hours plus 12 driving hours a week IN A RESTAURANT, that's not at all the same as working at a computer in an office for that amount of time, it's physically taxing. Most days I end up eating fast food and basically eat our restaurant's fried chicken or stir fried beef with brocolli and white rice every day, I'm irritable and tired all the time and have picked up a caffeine habit, on top of having to go on ADHD medication to have enough energy for work.

    I got fat for the first time in my life during 2020-21 as I wasn't able to go to the gym and didn't live in the city center of Miami anymore so didn't walk most places & live in a culture where going to the gym is a daily, social activity you do with friends so it's just a basic part of the lifestyle, literally the ONLY positive I have to say about Miami culture, as all the rest of it is toxic, manipulative, sociopathic, narcissistic, truly lonely, expensive, extortionate, dreams leading you on like an animal chasing a carrot on a treadmill bullshit. Went from an average 160-175 to 190, admittedly not obese or anything but I had never been anything but fit or extremely skinny my entire life. I lost the weight within a few months of the job, but God, I'm so unhealthy.

    I have no time to go to the gym, nor to cook properly, I can't afford a meal service where they deliver you meals, and I'm so hyped up from running around for a living that I'm not hungry, though years of bodybuilding have trained me to never eat out of hunger, but put of necessity.

    My mind and body are so unhealthy, but hey, I'm making 6 figures right? I might have to drive almost 2 hours a day, but hey, it's in a Tesla so it drives itself so I can watch educational videos or practice Mandarin or work on side businesses on my phone right? Like I have any energy or motivation for that… but I still try.

    All because I got a bit of money for about 2 years and experienced lifestyle creep. I'm not even saying I was spending 10k a month on meaningless bullshit, I wasn't. I still don't own a computer, my laptop broke a bit too late and I couldn't afford 7k+ for a proper editing and gaming desktop, and why get mediocre if you want something specific you can use as an asset, so I haven't bought one. I simply bought a house I must pay HOA fees, tax and insurance on, a car I must pay insurance and other small occasional fees for, and didn't worry about what I was buying when I got groceries, and got myself a few electronics under $500, and new clothes and shoes for the first time in years.

    But my and my girlfriend's cost of living now is still $5100 a month. I try to save and invest too, because to stay stationary and have no savings and no possibility my money will make me money in the future would be too much, I'd take myself out if I was running in place like that, but still, with emergencies and expenses that come up more and more urgently as the cost of giving all your time to a job and driving to that job and sleeping or eating to be ready for that job and grooming and providing hygiene to yourself for that job forces you to put things off more and more, so a tire needing to be looked at becomes an accident that loses you 2 weeks of work, and costs over $6000 after insurance, a health issue becomes a throat infection, a cavity becomes a root canal or extraction or worse a $5000 implant.

    I thought buying a car and a house outright would save me from the relentless grind of NEEDING to sell my time and sacrifice myself, but they've only anchored me in place and forced me to keep going.

    There are so many more costs the expensive cost of housing and being able to pay for that housing create, very very rapidly. I know I was fortunate and then stupid to make hundreds of thousands and then spend or lose so much of it, that people wish for this situation, but FUCK man I constantly want to quit and say fuck it. I dont want this life, if life could be cheaper somehow I would be healthier, happier, safer, have better relationships, and likely love my job as i wouldn't have to do it so much

  3. The countdown to midnight is a pile of shite – even when we’ve all been fairly safe they never drop it more than a few minutes from midnight.

    What would it take to get it down to half past 10? To have every man, woman and child thrown into a padded cell? It’s fearmongering bollocks and best ignored.

  4. Our (U.S.A) Zoning codes suck Fat A$$$$$$$. This is the problem with the United States we are an ASSET based economy not a productivity one. I.E. Housing is the #1 stable method of generating wealth BY FAR while Stock investing is volatile and dangerous if you put too much in so you end up with F$&%ing NIMBYS who don't want Density cause the median Annual Income is S$&T and when accounting for Taxes it's WORSE!

  5. So i live in Slovenia (smaller european country) and well the average pay is around 1200 euro, after tax however in our capital Ljubljana if you want a 1 room apartment you need to pay around 500 euro just for rent, without the cost of electricity, water, wifi meaning if you want to live there you need to give around half your pay just for rent now imagine being a college student. Most of the people i knew in college were driving around 50 -100 km by train or car because it was cheaper then renting a place…

  6. I guess another conclusion to be taken from this is: Politicians (especially local ones) need to stop kissing the ass of very vocal, angry minorities and do what is necessary even if it might be unpopular for the Karens and Kevins. Change isn't only necessary, it is inevitable.

  7. I think you all fail to see that the biggest issue you face is an unsustainable population. From the goverment level is easy to see that poverty is a necessity in a system that should of never existed. The housing crisis is a measure to maintain order.(It prevents inflation and the collapse of the entire economy). Odd isn't, but also the reason why you won't see this problem be solve because it is a neccessary evil in a world where humans think they can continue to grow out of control without consequences.

  8. I submitted a design for a low-income medium-density housing development in Western Canada a couple years ago (open RFI).

    It was rejected, because I had too many units, which would affect resale value.


  9. Oh yeah, the solution for a stable future is to "get our act together" and strengthen NATO so that we can eliminate the "un-free world." It is completely delusional to think the solution to a crisis that started under the watch of the US/NATO world order is to…. Strengthen the US/NATO world order?

    Can you not think bigger picture? Maybe the problems with our political system are found at a more fundamental level. Maybe the globalization of corporate monopoly and the US' failed world policing are the direct causes of all the issues you presented.

  10. I like the part in the middle where you ask why women in developed countries don't have more kids, cause I legit forgot what this video was about. I went on an hour long bike ride to get off my butt, today being my day off.

  11. "How sad can you get".

    Me, who considers this the fudamental way to save Western Civilisation as a whole by fixing the fucking housing and therefore demographic crisis

    Visible sweat

  12. I've had the same thoughts this morning. The connection between low birth rates and housing affordability is so goddamn obvious, yet everyone is trying every other "solution", which never works.

  13. I Have counter arguments housing crisis is not a crisis to all crisies. You can't solve demographics catastrophe that is coming to humanity in this century. As you pointed about japan tokyo that they build more houses than uk. Well a f@ck load amount of houses are abandoned in Japan due to decline in population. Japan lost 3 million people so far from the peak population reached in 2010. It will lose another 60 million this century. In Japan there are millions of abandoned houses. So do you solve that buddy?)))

  14. In my city it can take 4 years to go from concept to a Municipal Decision. Not approval, no, just a decision.

    All the while we've encased low-rise neighborhoods in amber. Like something to be discovered by alien archeologists once our society collapses.

    Young people are leading the charge cuz we'll be damned if our futures are shot to s*** so that mom and dad can retire with a $2 million dollar endowment from a house they bought in 1989 for $50,000.

  15. Question: If Mississippi has such a great housing policy, why is it so deficient in every other aspect of existence?

    According to this video, more housing = better everything, yet there is an unexplained counter-example to this argument right in the middle of it.

  16. Just building more houses won't reducee their prices. Russia and China are building like no tomorrow and prices are still rising there too despite a lot of real estate keeps being unsold. So there must be some other mechanism on top of just increasing supply to actually encorage developers making homes cheaper. I think it can be building a lot of commercial infrastructure as you can not fit too much people into Silicon Valley, but you can build infrastructure for another one and fill the rest of talented people there.

  17. I love this video, but I spend so many hours working and commuting to pay for my 700 square foot apartment in BFE I'll never have the energy to finish it.

  18. I’m a engineer with a 6 figure salary and I can’t even entertain owning a home without sacrificing 2 hours of my day commuting. So here I am, sitting in a $2700/month single bedroom flat waiting for the worms

  19. As a 19 year old, i constantly wonder if life is still worth living and things like this in the world that could destroy my future make me consider using the noose. Has it really come to that point in humanity? Where the young don’t want to experience older issues that many of them consider taking their own life to avoid them? Humanity is on the fall, and we need a revitalization. I’m up for the toppling of all of this world’s great powers! Chaos must reign supreme if we want things to improve, for the past has taught us that only conflict can better humanity. Bring on the war to truly end all wars.

  20. I mean I guess I can forgive this oversight from someone who doesn't live in or know about the American South other than some stereotypes, but Mississippi isn't "beating" California because of anything they are doing. They are hemorrhaging people daily. There's literally zero places to work their that pay livable wages, the schools as you mentioned are just school to prison pipelines and offer no meaningful opportunities for improving oneself through education, and if you are going to have kids there healthcare policy squeezes people so hard, your baby has a 25% chance of dying anyway. Think your overall theme is pretty good, but please don't slip in BS like Mississippi is better than California just because no homeless people. They don't have people there to be homeless in the first place

  21. Here I was around the middle of the video thinking…
    "Hey, why isn't he speaking about high priced subburbia being built around a century ago as an effective way of keeping "THE WHITE" ™ from "THE BLACK" ™?"
    …and then you did. Thanks for pointing that out.

  22. Buy the unoccupied houses in failing cities like detroit and give them to the homeless. The city gets population boost . If america was built over raw land they can do it again. Colonists built their own houses with an axe and basic tools

  23. I wonder if the way we design our cities could be improved so that higher density with more housing and better, cleaner, more convenient transportation could be attained? If only that were possible.

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