The Huge Gap Between How Serious Nuclear War Is And How Seriously It’s Being Taken

So I think we’re seeing a broad lack of awareness among the general public of just how close to the precipice we are for the same reason nuclear winter theory has been suppressed: because if everyone deeply understood how dangerous these unipolarist grand chessboard power plays are, and how they deliver no real benefit to ordinary people, they wouldn’t permit them to happen.

A responsible news media would be educating the public about things like nuclear winter, and how easy it would be for a nuclear war to be triggered by a malfunction, miscommunication, misunderstanding, or miscalculation in the chaos and confusion of soaring cold war escalations as nearly happened many times during the last cold war. A “news” media whose job is not to report the news but to manufacture consent for imperial agendas will do everything it can to prevent people from paying attention to those things.

This is why, if you really understand nuclear war and what it means and how close we are to its emergence, it feels so surreal and dissonant looking around at the things people are talking about today. How ungrounded in reality it all is, how unseriously people are taking this thing, how willing they are to consent to things like no-fly zones and other direct military action against Russia. It’s because people are prevented from seeing and understanding this reality. You can’t have the riff raff interfering in the mechanics of the imperial machine. Unipolar hegemony is too important to be left to democratic processes. Keep the local fauna confused and distracted while you roll the dice on nuclear armageddon with the hope of ruling the world.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. I recently saw again ON THE BEACH (1959). That film, set in Australia, had the survivors of a nuclear war contemplating the end of life in five months from radiation. I believe radiation would spread worldwide in three days. Nuclear winter? I think it’s at most a “long“ nuclear weekend.

  2. It is a travesty that people today don’t know the detailed history of the Cold War, specifically the handful of times that nuclear war was so narrowly averted. There are instances where a single human being miraculously prevented nuclear war. To call that terrifying is an understatement. We got extremely lucky that the Cold War ended without nuclear war breaking out. Are we going to be that lucky a second time?

  3. Lindsey Graham says Putin knows there are no winners in a nuclear war so he won't start one.
    Well, you know that too, Senator Maniac, but you're still psychotically trying to escalate.

  4. It would be a fitting end to all things.
    Which empire wasn't built on blood, bones & screams?
    Everything we currently take for granted is fuelled by the misery we impose on other species.
    Do we collectively deserve anything less?

  5. At the point when you hypothesized about the media informing the public about nuclear winter, I found myself laughing. Unimaginable isn't it – that the mass media might tell the public the truth?

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