The Hunter Biden Email Bombshell has the Legacy Media and Big Tech in a Damage Control Meltdown


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  1. Correct me if I am wrong but the Democrats attempted to impeach Donald Trump for making a phone call to the President of the Ukraine asking for help in investigating what happened between the Biden family and Burisma?

    And all the time, the FBI already knew what had been happening but did nothing and investigated nothing.

    And during the impeachment debate in the Senate, the Democrats asserted that “nobody is above the law”.

    But everybody in America knows the truth that Democrat politicians are exempt from the law because nobody in the justice system is prepared to take any action whatsoever concerning their criminality. And worse than that, use false information to attempt to usurp the duly elected POTUS and frame people such as Flynn for a crime he didn’t commit.

  2. Yes the FBI is reported to have had it since December, 2019. I'm thinking they were never going to divulge it to anyone. Thankfully the computer shop owner made a copy of the hard drive.

  3. Sorry! But These Rotten bas-turds have about as much chance of going to Jail than I have going on the Blue Moon Mission with the Space Force.
    Your ass an mine would be going to the slammer for that. Laws are only for the Peasants.

  4. The method of obtaining information has no bearing on its truth. Information “stolen” by a private party not associated with law enforcement can be used as evidence in a criminal trial to put a defendant in jail forever.

  5. It was so damn smart of that technician to make a copy, especially given the FBI threatened him and likely destroyed the hard drive he gave to them.

  6. Will this impact the election? It already is. Even now the media panics. You cannot undo a fart, and its looking like there's lots more left where this came from.