The Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal Takes an Even More Bizarre Turn (ft. Big Tech Damage Control!)

Biden call via OAN from Sep.:


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  1. There's a developing story that Biden abused his daughter, but I'm hesitant to believe that unless the whistleblower releases the recording he made when he reached out to Biden's daughter for confirmation.

  2. I found the videos and pictures on Parler I've never used twitter and so I don't know how to use Parler as its a similar format. Very frustrating trying find it, its not a simple search like on YT grrrrrr. Also the pictures are very pornographic I never thought they would release to that extent

  3. Truth is most of Bidens supporters don't care nor even know this is going on because all they're watching is CNN MSNPC and BUZZFEED and HUFFPO. I'd say more than half the country are Normie Libshits with extreme TDS…so none of this Hunter shit matters.

  4. And this all happened before Hunter's laptop!

    Oh hell, this stuff happened before there WERE laptops!

    I wonder how much CASH DR. JILL gets to keep from campaign money for propping up her husband?

    She and her ex-husband gave young candidate Joe Biden (1972 election) and his first wife, a CASH MONEY DONATION of more than 10,000 DOLLARS when they sat at the kitchen table. Creepy unca' JOE LEARNED EARLY AND JOE LEARNED QUICKLY TO POCKET PILES OF CASH!.

    He lied about how he met her and how they started dating. Not only that, but he dragged his brother into this fabricated "love story".

    Sadly, his wife and daughter were killed in a car crash. The blame went on a truck driver for "drinking his lunch". The investigation did not produce any charges and the truck driver had nightmares about it the rest of his life. Suspect circumstances were rumored about the crash at the time. The ruination and the blame were squarely placed on a truck driver.

    Good old Joe went on to marry the "girl of his dreams" and have another child… Eventually, the plagiarism and the other "stories" would catch up to him, though.

    She was married to this other guy. She went to college and taught in a Catholic School (back in the old days when they still had nuns). Maybe the school still had a morals clause, because she had to leave when they hooked up, rather than set a bad example for the CHILDREN IN HER CARE?

    She claims she married the widower Joe because she wanted to take care of his boys so she "left" the Catholic School…

    In addition, she achieved her Doctorate in education. Joe's proud moment was hanging it on her?

    I wonder did she ever apply for an annulment from the Church first??? In the eyes of the church she may be still married to her ex-husband.

    Pope Francis isn't very strict about Church marriage though. His philosophy seems to be, "Shit happens, move on." So much for his job description. He has ONE JOB. He is supposed to be the leader in matters of Faith and Morals.

    Joe and Jill are Francis kinds of Catholics. China, divorce, hooking up outside of sacramental marriage, taking bribes, keeping scads of other PEOPLE's money, lots and lots more payola, AND side deals with your brother your brother's wife, your dad's VEEP office is for sale, and you (Joe) are oblivious to the activity of beloved SECOND wife's side deals setting HERSELF UP TO CO-PRESIDENT with an impaired husband that's not there? Clintonian? maybe…

    In the meantime, you have access to the CLINTONS' AND O'BIDEN POLITICAL MACHINES? And will you have a Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama M Brotherhood connected staff? Pallets of CASH MONEY DONATION to foreigners anyone?

    And this doesn't even get us into China… Pope Francis will hook you up with the China Church. He can afford it, China's Catholic CCP gives him BBB BBB BILLIONS OF DOLLARS PER YEAR. Pope just renewed the contracts on that China deal.

    Beijing Barry's 'bout to step in too! He's been promised his own Caliphate by pope Frank…

    And Dr. Jill stands to make a [killing] on this deal.

    I would be looking for the kkkonnections to the stolen REPUBLICANS stuff too! I'll bet that Mormon guy in Utah, you know the guy out there? The governor? And no-names wife… and Kerry the ketchup guys wife? And step-son? And if you look really hard you can find the Heinz ketchup contract with the Russian oligarchy after "the fall" of Communistas and Berlin. And the deeper staters are trying to use Sandinistas and libertarians as a Trojan horse for diversion?

    Have fun y'all this sewer runs deep!

  5. You have to realize how much dirt the CCP has on the Bidens. From audio to video evidence. If Biden is elected he will be working for the CCP pure and simple.

  6. Absolutely a national security problem. You can believe that there are other Hunter tapes–in Russia, China, Ukraine. The whole dossier was cooked up to suggest Trump had been compromised by his activities in Russia, and that therefore he was under their thumb. In Hunter's case, there is a load of hard evidence that could be used to pressure Biden.. If a foreign government had a tape of Hunter having sex with a minor, they could get a blank check from a Biden administration.

  7. Just another scenario they accused Trump of, only to have it come to light that they were guilty of it themselves…..
    Surely people are starting to see Trump is becoming more and more the physical embodiment of Karma.

  8. Just change the name "Hunter Biden" to either "Eric Trump" or "Don Trump, Jr." in all these stories, emails, vids and pics and tell me if you think Donald J. Trump would be our President right now or if he'd be running or be permitted to run for a second term. I'm serious. With all that we know right now on this Hunter stuff, not necessarily corroborated and some of it probably some obvious exaggeration and slander, if ANY of this involved one of Donald Trump's sons, you know Trump would have already been removed from office. C'mon, man…

  9. Over in the U.K. the politician who was chairman of the Parliamentary standards committee was caught having an orgy involving rent boys during which he offered to supply them with cocaine. He has still not been disciplined . Utterly utterly corrupt.