The Hunter Biden Leaks

The Life and Times of Hunter Biden

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  1. If I send you guys $9.95 will you promise to get back guy on the right and you shirt and burn that 1970s carpet he's wearing and has been wearing since your podcast began. Dude you have to up your game. Everyone rose on your show has.

  2. There are people who lost EVERYTHING because they had crack and the government decided that was enough to destroy their lives.
    Hunter will face zero consequences. These are the people who rule us.

  3. Saw an interview with the owner of the shop, where Hunter took his laptop, and he mentioned he became the owner of it back in 2019 and we still haven't had anything from the major media or FBI. All the videos would have to have been before April 2019 when the laptop was dropped off. How far do they go back? Why haven't we seen dates of the videos? The FBI and associates did not know his tendencies? Secret Service was not concerned and Obama administration wasn't told?

  4. Funny that Biden was behind so many poor black people being incarcerated in the 80's for possession of a single crack rock, but now him and the rest of his lot want to play "black savior".

  5. Just following in his fathers footsteps. I wonder how much of this is just him trying to cover up the pain/soullessness of what his father's doing? Or maybe he's just a scumbag through and through.

  6. And if Joe stays alive and runs again in 2024, there will be at least 45% of the American voting public that will vote for him because they think the Republican is evil. We deserve everything we are getting.

  7. All the Instagram gangsters getting sacked instantly for showing off stolen goods or drugs, and Hunter Biden just walking free for flexing much worse stuff. I bet USA is so corrupt that Law Enforcement couldn't even arrest him if they really wanted. I bet theoretically any officer could, but practically they will be barred by higher ups and Hunter Biden immediately released.

  8. At 13:00 Hunter warns his ex that she would be guilty of child abuse, because she didn’t end the relationship immediately. That doesn’t sound like a innocent man. This is him saying that they will go down together if she keeps talking about it.

  9. Something is finally going where Hunter Biden blames his addictions on a way to cope with being molested as a child – anyone who would actually nickname his father "p3do pete" as even the most extreme joke is astonishing. The amount of financial help that Brandon gives his errant son also shows some kind of deep seated guilt

  10. Hell, at this point, I don't think you could blackmail this family because they're so degenerate, they don't think what they're doing is wrong, and if other people think that it is, they can clean up the evidence regardless.

    Blackmail only works if the victim has a dirty little secret they want to keep hid. The Bidens record theirs for posterity's sake.

  11. I actually feel sorry for Hunter. Imagine growing up with one of the people who is supposed to love you unconditionally, and whom you are supposed to be able to trust implicitly, being Joe Biden. God knows what happened to him and his siblings growing up. No wonder he's a crack addict. Also, addiction is a fucking terrible thing, I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

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