The Hunter Biden Story in 5 Minutes

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Written by Mr Reagan


  1. Historical Speech:

    “Our leaders sit in Congress. They make the Law. You must do everything they tell you. But do not do as they do, for they do not practice what they preach. They place heavy burdens on other people’s shoulders while they parade around in public in fancy clothing. They claim to care for the poor. But, they love places of honor at public ceremonies. They love to be greeted with respect and called Senator, Governor, Mayor, or Congressman. But you, my friends, have no such titles. That’s because you are brothers and sisters. The greatest among you is the servant. You know the exalted will be humbled, and the humble will be exalted. Governors, Mayors, Congressmen and Senators — you hypocrites! You travel over land and sea to seek wealthy donors to feed your corrupt campaigns. You dress up for cameras, but inside you are full of greed and self-indulgence. Instead, be honest! Then your appearance will take care of itself.”

  2. This really is third world stuff. So called leaders involved in bribery and God knows what else. Yet our media, who at one time brought down the Nixon administration, has zero interest in this. By the way for those to young to remember, he was basically implicated in spying on the dems. Sound familiar? Anybody who is even remotely informed knows killery, bams, and sleepy joe are guilty of many crimes, yet half of the country votes for them and passionately defends them. How can that be? It includes Fox as well, watch Gingrich get shut down for uttering Soros's name.

  3. OH…. AND ONE MORE THING: The FBI has confirmed that they subpoenaed the laptop almost a year ago and have had possession since. So they hid the laptop's existence while Trump was impeached.

  4. It is time to investigate Crazy Trump hating politicians on the left. They apparently hate trump because he might expose their corruption. Adam,lying piece of, Schiff,;the penguin; Maxine, 65 IQ, Waters; Nancy; Chuck all of them. They are compromised or corrupt.

  5. also implicated is John Kerry's kid, Prince Andrew and most likely a ton more politicians on both sides, Hunter will magically get off, and politicians and big tech will memory hole this faster than the Las Vegas shooting (remember that?). Best case is Repubs win both House and Senate and overturn the impeachment, in a deal with Trump that he stops mentioning it.

  6. Why is no one questioning Joe biden income in his tax return and how he got to be a multi-millionaire owning homes that is worth millions of dollars it needs to be looked into

  7. Adam Schiff has totally sold his soul. I can understand wanting to defend your guy, but this is pointless and counterproductive for the Democrats. Why sell out the entire party and ruin its credibility to save a flailing, terrible, corrupt candidate? This is a major difference between the Democrats and the Republicans. The Republicans, because they cannot depend upon the media to protect them, would be jumping ship in droves, remaining silent, or trying to defend the candidate by minimizing it. In this case, there is no minimizing which would be effective, so the only way to deal with this is to walk away. The Democrats have lost my respect and will not gain it back until they start acting like common sensical Americans instead of deep state thugs. The Democrats, if they wish to remain viable over the next decade, should chalk this election up as a loss and walk away from Joe Biden. But as long as they think the media will run dishonest interference for them, they will soldier on in lockstep with Schiff. This is an egregious error and they are going to pay for it dearly.

  8. Biden has been controlled by China for over 25 years.
    Democrats believe it is Russian Disinformation.
    Democrats especially old ones should never take their mask off & should switch to a liquid diet. Very dangerous to take their mask off & to eat.

  9. It's not they should probably go to prison, it's they should definitely go to prison. The Bidens and others like them should go to prison. Actually half the Democrat Party.

  10. Don't worry, subbed a long time ago. Thanks for the great production value and actually holding to the 5 minute thing as advertised. I Was worried half of it would be trying to sell me something!

  11. Why are democrats so weak? Why can’t they use their own minds to think and own eyes to see? They only believe what they are told by other lefties. The lies of the democrat party over the last 60 years are blatant and obvious. Yet here we are