The Hypocrisy is Just BRUTAL

They will continue the charade until they no longer need it and move to the next fad.

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  1. “It’s your body but it’s also our choice unless it’s a particular issue then it’s your choice but then it becomes our choice…
    Just… look! Do what we tell you to do and stop asking questions!”

    🐍 no step on Snek! 🇺🇸🇭🇰

  2. the same kind of people that protest abortion centers are perfectly fine with people getting coerced into accepting that their newborn child is getting injected with poison…

  3. What your are witnessing is the death of Reason and Morality.
    The Republic is in free fall because the majority of it's citizens are not only incapable of critical thinking and they are morally bankrupt.

  4. i never got that vax but i hear that sum 80% of people did? omg… what a bunch of morons… They lie about EVERYTHING /smh they lie to our faces and 80% of the population TRUSTED them to take experimental drugs? wow, (breathes deep) hard to imagine.
    "Hi I'm from the Government and I am here to help!"

  5. California just approved a bill making "abortion" legal up to 7 days AFTER birth.

    And I thought people were joking and/or being hyperbolic about Democrats sacrificing babies…

    I'm not particularly religious, but that Bill is so obviously Satanic…

  6. The left "You have to do this or people are going to die"
    Also the left "My body my choice."
    I don't have a stance, I just wish for some god damn consistancy from these clowns.

  7. Why is Kamala saying “her” and assuming people’s pronouns?!?
    Why doesn’t she acknowledge men get pregnant too in this abortion issue?!?
    Hypocrite Democrats!!!


  8. Abortion issue is different from vaccination and the spread of diseases… Abortion does not spread diseases… But covid can spread and cause many health issues to the public

  9. What i need to see is this punk ass hung for treason. Who the fuck does he even think he is talking to?!

    That’s more than a few times he has said “We are running out of patience.” Dont take too much longer deciding who “we” really is, if you do you will find your answer on the cattle cars with the others.

  10. Really, I agree with her. A woman (whatever that is) can do whatever she wants with her own body. It's the body she's temporarily carrying inside her that I don't want her to kill. But afterwards, if she wants to euthanize herself I think everyone should have that right. That's also partly why I support gun ownership in this country.

    Where are the vegans and vegetarians on this topic? Don't they have a rule about "not killing anything with a face"?!?

  11. I'm getting exhausted of these politicians using their "faith" to justify their tyrannical agendas. They are the most faithless, corrupt, greedy, and demonic leaders of our time. They don't know the Triune God of the bible, and He certainly does not know them.

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