The Hypocrisy is Strong With This One…

Trudeau thinks we have the memory of a goldfish.


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  1. What we’re seeing is pretty much a perfect example of narcissistic personality disorder. To deal with the narcissistic abuse of the world that revealed itself in the crazy making of the year before last it is important that people understand, the way to deal with these personalities is to have nothing to do with them, they have an insatiable desire for control and get a thrill from messing with people. The more we protest them the greater thrill it is for them. One big way to have nothing to do with them is to not vote them into public office or tolerate them in any way, and do not pay any attention to their demands. Do not consent, they can do nothing when there is massive disobedience to their dictates.

  2. My birth country has fallen and it is no longer recognizable, and those with any of the will to fight in Canada have clearly lost it a long time ago. They have no courage, no will and no means to do so as they are afraid. But truth be told, there is nothing to be fearful about in your death, or your imprisonment. You fight for what is objectively right no matter the cost, and those that come after you, or you yourself, will reap the rewards for doing so. Nobody should be afraid of being slain by their government, because as long as you have taken some of their lives, it is a cost worth making up for.

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