The Hysteria, Mockery, and Censorship Around COVID Treatment

“I’m angry because…people are dying because of the left…[and] doctors who have decided to politicize science.”

The overwhelmingly coordinated suppression of doctors speaking about treatment options for COVID-19 should terrify everyone who values free speech and the freedom to make their own health choices.

Watch this Fireside Chat episode, The Left Is Weaponizing Medicine:

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Written by PragerU


  1. I have been saying this for 4 months. It is crazy. Here in Texas they do not recommend a medicine that WORKS. The TMB have "blood of their hands". It is crazy.

  2. I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with senses, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use and by some other means to give us knowledge which we can attain by them.

    Galileo Galilei

  3. My daughter has been taking this drug for years for Lupus. It has helped her tremendously. It's all a political game with the left. If they can get our country to crash and burn so they can start their socialist reform they really don't care how many people die. Especially the old and sick who would burden the health system. Only young and healthy to work their communist regime. Nothing is free. You will work for it and give back up to 70% of your pay. They will take their pay and live in their mansions and you get to struggle the rest of your life.

  4. YouTube censors doctors and medicine because YouTube deems it "misinformation." Yet it allows CNN and MSNBC spew all sorts of political left-wing propaganda. Big Tech are left-wing organizations.

  5. Remdesivir is not a good option due to its side effects. (as of 18 May 2020) includes 2 people died within 28 days of taking the drug. This is a mortality rate of 2%, much higher than covid's 0.1%. Why take a drug that will kill 20 times more often than the disease it is supposed to cure.

  6. I took the unmentionable name of the medication for years for lupus. It is a SAFE medication. I only had my eyes checked every six months because long term use may affect the eyes. It is so worth the possibility to try. It's cost effective & has helped people. It's been around for over 60 years. Let's drop the political games & start helping people!

  7. Recently, Health Canada approved Remdesvir as a treatment against COVID-19; but, so far, they've said NOTHING about "that which shall not be named".

    Whether "that which shall not be named" works or not depends on who you talk to. Some doctors say it works, others say it DOESN'T.

    But no matter what you believe, they're NOT cures for COVID-19. You can't take them as a precautionary measure! The only time you can get them is when you actually come down with the virus!

    If I said it once, I said it a thousand times: I certainly hope and pray that common sense will win out in the end!

  8. It is not just (Censored) that is helping, it is things like Vitamins A, C, D, zinc, iodine, and nebulizers. There is no talk of immune health. It is wait until a vaccine comes out and cross your fingers in the meantime.

  9. Getting the right balance of protection and letting people fend for themselves is important.

    When raising children you protect them. If there was any threat to your child's life you would intervene.

    If your child left his bicycle outside, that he paid for on his own, after you told him to bring it in because it might get stolen, and then the bicycle is stolen… That's a good lesson.

    If the parent had brought the bicycle in, the child never would have learned that property DOES get stolen. And maybe when he's older his much more expensive uninsured car gets stolen.

    Of course you could NOT steal your own child's property, to teach them a lesson. If a parent took their child's bicycle and sold it, that's a CRIME.

    Let's say Dennis Prager is giving bad information… If YouTube Facebook and Twitter protect people from all bad information, they're going to get bad information from other sources. Talking to someone in a coffee shop.

    People have to learn to self protect to some degree.

    I Googled it. Yes parents can be criminally charged for stealing their child's property. They may not be wrong if they don't always hyper protect their child's property.

    Parents, acting as a guardian of a child's property, have a legal responsibility to act responsibly and diligently. Theft or mismanagement of property can result in criminal charges and civil court damages. Generally, parents can assume guardianship of a child's property if the value of the asset is under $10,000.

  10. My aunt was sick for several weeks with COVID and no signs of getting better. She was given HC and was out of the hospital in three days. Also, my co-workers father had a similar issue with COVID and was also given HC and released from the hospital a few days later symptom free….. (this was during March and early April I have heard of no one else getting HC since then)

  11. Here in Oregon, HQC is only allowed to be given to covid patients once they are hospitalized. So you know, once HQC is no longer very effective?‍♀️

  12. Are the America's Frontline Doctors really doctors? See here

    What evidence do they have to back up what they're saying? See here – and here –


    I looked up there licensing on their respective State Medical Boards, and found that they were properly licened.

    I read some of the articles they referenced and watched a few of their videos, and they come across to me as passionate AND rational in their arguments.

    They have persuaded me that the use of the HCG/AZM/zinc combo AS.A THERAPY WHILE WAITING ON A VACCINE makes good sense for many people.

    But you have to first look at their evidence and give it a fair hearing in the court of your mind.

  13. Where is the petition so that I sign this? It needs to go to the President, because he's talking vaccine now more and more(where the military will get issue it) and not HCQ nearly as much as before. This is deeply troubling to me and should be to everyone and we need to pray now, sign petitions now to our state/federal government, and talk to police/military people that you know to see if they will be loyal to the American people if it comes to that! They've already admitted that an rfid chip goes in this vaccine…Unless you want this inside you–you need to take action now–RIGHT NOW! i saw a video where this guy claimed that it was forced on him kicking and screaming! He claims they FORCIBLY gave it to him! WHO IS WITH ME ON SIGNING PETITIONS, ETC.?!